MattyTM May 25 '79

I was stupid enough to think its $150 a week, so ive got $62 left is that meant to last me the year now?


El_Dictator Jun 11 '79

It does not reset. The $62 needs to last you. People will blow it in huge chunks anyway - basically, most goes to backup RBs after an injury. Or a bunch will get wasted on Kevin Ogletree. If you have a stud with a very valuable backup, and you don't own that backup, you'll want to keep a nice pot, because other owners will go for the player (e.g., if Tate ends up not owned). I blew $51 on Felix last year as a Murray owner ($100 total).

rangerdave Jun 12 '79

Also, you can bid zero dollars on a player.

[Deleted User] May 25 '79