DallasFootball Dec 28 '78

would like to know peoples take on adding punters to the roster. for or against it?


rangerdave Dec 28 '78

There at least two dozen other additions that need to be made for football before the addition of punters should even be considered.

D_I_C_K_E_Y Feb 01 '79

What are the two dozen additions?

rangerdave Feb 01 '79

In no particular order:

1. Expanded IDP

2. Tackles for loss

3. Mobile app upgrade

4. League messageboard upgrade

5. Forum upgrade

6. Increased roster sizes

7. Taxi squads

8. Inclusion of suspensions for IR designations

9. Increased league size options

10. Kick and punt return position

11. League page customization

12. League rules page

13. Commissioner's message

14. Chat

15. Support for conference play

16. Schedule maker upgrade

17. Separate rookie pool for dynasty drafts

18. Ability for Commish to edit rosters during a draft

19. Timer on e-mail draft

20. Ability to cap rounds in a draft

21. Duplicate player pools

22. Scoring during actual NFL playoffs

23. Doubleheaders

24. Ability to remove and add owners at all times

I'm sure that there are plenty of other options that your fellow Flea users would like to see added before punters as well. This is not to say that punters should not be added, but the focus of the Flea team should be on issues other than punters at this time.

D_I_C_K_E_Y Feb 04 '79

You. Are. AWESOME! And I'm not even kidding. That's the best message I've ever seen. I'm not even a fan of having punters, but the fact that you came up with 24 reasons (whether all of them are legit or not--which most of them are) is amazing. If we ever cross paths, I owe you a beer.

D_I_C_K_E_Y Feb 04 '79

I've been pushing for a tackles for loss stat for a long time...according to Fleaflicker, it could happen this year. Lets cross our fingers. I also love the chat idea...something I've said to friends in the past, but never pushed with Fleaflicker. Knowing if other guys in your league are 'online' though and you can chat with them would be incredible. Let's push for it!

rangerdave Feb 04 '79

Thanks. I am just a loyal Flea user who wants to see Flea become the site for everyone's fantasy needs.