bigbert Nov 17 '78

I have played FF on ESPN and Yahoo for the past few years and I am starting a Dynasty league here, will be my first time being the commish in a Dynasty league. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated. And is Fleaflicker a good place to run it? I have 12 owners may end up with 16, everyone is known personally and have played regular FF all together before, just want to try something new. Thanks


TDMakers13 Feb 24 '79

How many college players will you draft each year?

DallasFootball Nov 25 '78

this will be my second season on flea, so i have limited experience with the sight, but i love it. i'm in dynasty leagues only, great sight.

bigbert Nov 25 '78

thanks, i will surely ask

JAMwiz Nov 24 '78

I started up two leagues last year. So I am still kind of new but can help you if needed. Its definitely the best free place to do a dynasty league.

scotto1959 Nov 21 '78

Reg off or IDP, this place is great. Check out this one I set up last year, or create your own custom league.

any questions, just ask ??

tajohnson Jun 21 '79

Dumb question: your league settings say 36 keepers, hence dynasty. But when I attempt to create a league for testing, the limit is at 15. What am I missing?

rangerdave Jun 21 '79

You need to edit roster size plus positional requirements before saving.

rangerdave Nov 20 '78

Hit me up with any questions you may have. Depending upon your setup, there are some areas where answers are not obvious.

Doe1989 Feb 24 '79

dave is good people