DallasFootball Dec 14 '12

i started a new dynasty league this year, being a new league we had a snake draft. now that we're a season in i wan't to set the draft to a linear system, can i? and if so how do i do this? thanks


Mudd Dec 15 '12

I know you can edit the draft order, but not sure if you can simple push a button to change from snake to linear. I don't see either currently right now, so I guess you'll have to wait until preseason next year to find out and to do anything.

Also, I'd make sure it's okay with all of my leagues team owner before doing so. Personally I hate changes after the fact, and have dropped out of a couple leagues over the years when the commish made changing without discussing it first.

DallasFootball Dec 15 '12

alright, thanks for the help.

rangerdave Dec 17 '12

Commish Options

Edit Keeper Rules

Select Do not snake at all


DallasFootball Dec 17 '12