thechuch Sep 22 '78

i have brady, welker, and ridley should i still start 49er def vs patriots or pickup another def def scoring in our league is very high. available defs on waiver wire are

raider vs kc

packers vs chi


MrChance Sep 30 '78

Id go with Raiders ...i see a 15-0 shutout for this

flora Sep 26 '78

Det d will put up numbers vs ari

Mudd Sep 26 '78

I agree with the other two that have commented. I don't like to start any D against the Patriots. Cutler is good for atleast 1 pick and a couple sacks.

MrChance Sep 23 '78

take Packers cutler wont last whole game!

pappy52 Sep 23 '78

pick up the packers.