walltrout Aug 29 '78

freeman or ryan????


FunBusKing Aug 29 '78

Ryan all day, he is a lock for a bunch of points especially with Julio playing and Freeman is can lay an egg easily - Especially if Doug Martin go nuts like he usually does.

I have the same 2 QB's, although I like Freeman as a QB2, I cannot justify starting him over Ryan with the way matty is playing this year..

Ground_Attack Aug 31 '78

I'm playing Ryan all day, but Arizona proved that NO PLAYER is a lock for anything as u said he was for a bunch of points. Nothing against u in particular, but in general I hate when ppl say things like that.

FunBusKing Aug 31 '78

thank goodness it did not bite me this week - I will keep that in mind in the future though ground

walltrout Sep 02 '78

well it bit me..had a gut feeling..to go with freeman..ohh well