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rabidbuc Nov 08 '12

I need help.

I have Randall Cobb (BYE), Jordy Nelson (BYE), Percy Harvin (Q), and Andre Johnson, and I need to start two.

I have trades submitted to try to get someone who I can play this week, but if they don't work should I take someone off of free agency, or should I just take the zero for my second slot at WR? Danny Amendola is available.


bowhunter429 Nov 09 '12

Grab Amendola right now if you can

rabidbuc Nov 09 '12

For who?

rabidbuc Nov 09 '12

I would go with AJ but he's the only one who is going to play this week.

bowhunter429 Nov 09 '12

I would dump or try to trade Nelson to pick up amendola