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Sorendo Aug 16 '78

Good trade or not? With what Wash coach is saying and how they have performed of late, seems like way more up side going forward with Decker. What do you guys think?


bowhunter429 Aug 17 '78

All depends on the rest of your team. If you will be fine without Morris and are in need of a WR than go for it. If you have good WR's now, whats the point. Its hard to say without knowing the rest of your team.

Sorendo Aug 17 '78

QB - Brady

RB - Morris

Flex - Forte

WR - Nelson

WR - Wallace

TE - Gates

K - Legatron



RB - Redman

RB - Howlings

WR - Washington

WR - Hay-bay

TE - Pitta

IR - Best

I know I should have given more info as to why I am thinking about making this trade. First of all I am 4-5 and on the bubble of making the play-offs. Top 3 in each division 14 team league. Morris is on a bye week. Jordy is also on his bye and has been hurt. The reason why I am looking at this trade, with this week being our leagues trade dead-line, is that I can play Decker this week for starters, and second I feel he might have much more upside and value going into the play offs. Wash seems to be going into a rebuild/assesment stage for next year already, where Denver looks to be a super bowl contender.

I should of def gave much more info and the reason in which i was thinking this was a good move at this point. Jordy was been out for me

bowhunter429 Aug 19 '78

I would do it. Redman is doing well enough to start and Decker will improve your WR slot

Sorendo Aug 19 '78

Thank you. I might be getting Decker or D. Thomas now I gotta figure out which one I want.