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Mayhem22 Jul 26 '78

So I hold off on putting Matt Ryan in for 5 weeks because hell I have Aaron Rodgers starting. Ryan puts up way better numbers week in and week out. Week 6 comes along. A week after Ryan puts up 42 points in my league. Okay so he is up against Oakland. Rodgers hasn't been doing it for me and he is up against that Texans defense. I'll put Ryan in... 16 points Rodgers is up over 50. I am getting blown out 100-55. Stupid STUPID STUPID!!!!


G-R-I-M Jul 27 '78

I think a lot FF owners benched Rodgers this past week - you can't really second guess it based upon the matchups - Ryan was @ home vs a bad Oak pass D and Rodgers on the road vs a suppossed solid D - The only reasons to recommend Rodgers before this one was that the Texans looked lost defensively after the Cushings injury the week before - They were torched a bit in the passing game and it's GB on the road in Primetime Sunday Night -

Just goes to show - the NFL is the only real Reality TV.....