RayneMan Jun 14 '78

I was asked why I posted this note/or tell my story..I don't you all need to know ...But I will share this these owners are in leagues all together 2,3,4,or more at a time ...I think if they what to play together it should be in private leagues...da_new_man now known as flea-master,youknowme,bjtamabo,yourprofessor,bbull44,redskinfever,jmoreth,jmeadows,ribyce36,dskin,69time,FEELGOOD,jray59,tfurryt,hitman1,hells-bells,rjsshooz,scored,forrie,igglesfanatik,aileenk,clanindsayset....JUST beware


FLEADADDY Dec 02 '78

what does it matter how many leagues you are in together? i don't know anyone who plays flea. i pick up teams in leagues with owners who seem to stick around all year, not quit after they lose the first week!

DallasFootball Dec 27 '78

is there evidence of cheating among them? perhaps they just like to join the same league so they can compete against each other.

FLEADADDY Dec 27 '78

NO cheating, if I am in a league with some of the same owners, it's because they don't cheat.

DallasFootball Dec 27 '78

i don't see what what the problem then.

FLEADADDY Dec 27 '78

The only problem is that someone can come on here and make a statement about anyone without merit. It's ok, I am not a cheat and don't think anyone on that list is.

scotto1959 Jan 08 '79

I know some of these guys and are in leagues with them. This guy is way out in left field. TARD STATUS!!!!

FLEADADDY Jan 09 '79

not in any league with this guy

scotto1959 Jan 09 '79

me either, just making a statement to the guy that posted. You interested in a new dynasty?

FLEADADDY Jan 09 '79