RayneMan Sep 01 '12

daskin da_new_man bjtambo bbull44 yourprofessor redskinfever jmoreth jmeadows fibryce36 brianT 69time rjsshooz tfurryt jray59 FEELGOOD


scotto1959 Mar 30 '13

Just reading this, but you are a slandering SOB. I've been playing with Richard and Dave and Dom for years. Only the best.You should post some serious chit before accusing anyone of anything. Guys like you, flea don't need.

FLEADADDY Feb 20 '13


cmox Sep 03 '12

anyone else find it ironic that this post was posted by someone with the bad reliability quitter flag next to his name?

RayneMan Sep 03 '12

I have the flag due to owners working together,Not Quitting

playerpiano Sep 04 '12

Haha. Sure.

AzScott Sep 03 '12

Can't find his name now, but team name was SUper50, he cut all of his players then quit the league. Of course some of the CLASSY owners, picked up all of the players since pleas to comish to restore them went on deaf ears, so no hope of picking up new owner now.

tonysynotBoys Sep 03 '12

Horrible owner: steakwith. Sad sissy Irish Red. All he wants to do is beat you down with is sissyfied mush mouth. Little hate boy.

rangerdave Sep 02 '12

I'm in leagues with da_new_man and rlbryce36 and can vouch for their reliability.

RayneMan Sep 02 '12

what does that say about you..... and you and turf_warriors

It's just a warning to who ever read's

rangerdave Sep 02 '12

If you are accusing Turf Warriors of being a bad owner, then it is your credibility that is in question.

RayneMan Sep 02 '12

no not that just what you both have in common

rangerdave Sep 02 '12

If you are going to cast dispersions on fellow owners, you should both present your reasons, and write in complete sentences.

RayneMan Sep 02 '12

no dispersions I don't need to present my reasons to you..Who are you

rangerdave Sep 02 '12

I am someone you addressed in your posting. You said to watch out for these owners. Why should other owners listen to you? You do have a red flag associated with your account.

RayneMan Sep 02 '12

Because I've been trying to out of leagues with owners that are working together,I don't care if any one listens or not,just telling other what I've been puting up with....

rangerdave Sep 02 '12

If you want people to hear your story, tell the story. All you are doing is listing the names of owners. What did these other owners do?

RayneMan Sep 02 '12

Thanks for your comment's

Dom Sep 03 '12

Rangerdave is a great guy. And the guys he vouched for are also. The reason they have alot of leagues in common id because they are some of the best and most respected members of the Flea community.Go back to your hole d44jr.

RayneMan Sep 03 '12

nice words, I guess it's just the company yoy keep