kcyellowjackets Jun 10 '77

Why isn't there an auto pick set up card option for the email draft?


munk79 Jun 10 '77

I agree with this. As a commish, it is rather frustrating. I have had to pick for *slow* teams and people get pissed about it.

kcyellowjackets Jun 11 '77

In another site last year I had the same thing happan before. The perfect email draft is to have a time limit set by commish and all managers owning own autopick card if they are away.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 10 '77

It's something we have not implemented but look forward to moving forward.

kcyellowjackets Feb 19 '79

Is there any progress on this? Our league starts our 3rd season draft tomorrow and I haven't seen the same auto pick in email draft as the live draft. Alot of our managers have dial up services only and are not able to download the live draft version and are stuck with email draft that drags on for a month and a half or more. Thanks for all you do.