ColtonWood Sep 16 '10

I know the Commish can execute a trade and have it canceled, but can he speed up a trade so it gets done sooner and bypass the 24/48hr waiting period?


Panthernation4 May 11 '13

Where is the button to execute the trade

rangerdave May 12 '13

On the trade review page

Da18thLetter28 Sep 16 '10

That is what the execute trade does. It happens as soon as he does it.

ColtonWood Sep 16 '10

So by clicking execute, the commish can then choose to terminate the trade, or to approve it. Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier.

Da18thLetter28 Sep 16 '10

LOL. I thought it was clearer the first time. Now I am not sure what you are asking....

When a trade comes up, the commish can click on a button. I think it says Commish Execute. If he clicks this, then the trade takes effect immediately. It doesn't need to wait the 24/48 hr waiting period. The commish can also cancel it the same way. If he cancels it, it is gone immediately.

I think this should explain what you are asking. If not let me know and I will try to figure out what you are asking. Sorry for the confusion.... LOL