Hank Jun 30 '71

The American Baseball League


The ABL is a sim league with owners and coaches controlling 16 organizations to try to win the league championship. Members can interact with other league members via the message boards and participate in competitions aside from the league itself. Teams have both owners and coaches which creates 32 jobs currently, we also are adding 4 teams at the end of the season which will move the job total up to 40. We also allow for members to create players in the league for the draft each year.

We're looking for some coaches.

visit our website and IM Heggis27 on AIM or theasfl on YIM if interested...you must have AIM to join. Fill out a coaching application if you feel you understand how the league works, otherwise IM the commissioner to help guide you through.

All members are required to remain active on the message board, so even if you dont get a job right away theres something to occupy your time with.