a Pick for Bush Complete

  • 2015 2nd round pick #5 (13th overall) from
gets Dropped To Make Room For Trade
2 Months 1 Vetoes

Lloyd, Dwyer, Blackmon, Smith, Sproles and Jeffery for Nicks, Martin, Romo, Gore, Johnson and Bryant Complete

[Deleted Team] gets gets
  • Hakeem Nicks WR IND (rank: 54-209-103) from [Deleted Team]
  • Doug Martin RB TB (rank: 59-279-25) from [Deleted Team]
  • Tony Romo QB DAL (rank: 10-10-95) from [Deleted Team]
  • Frank Gore RB SF (rank: 13-68-45) from [Deleted Team]
  • Andre Johnson WR HOU (rank: 11-56-42) from [Deleted Team]
  • Dez Bryant WR DAL (rank: 8-44-10) from [Deleted Team]
May 02 '13 1 Vetoes