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Sources tell ESPN that Josh Gordon's blood-alcohol count was .09 when he was arrested on suspicion of DWI over July 4th weekend.

The legal limit in North Carolina is .08, so the Browns have reportedly been told that it's possible the charges would be reduced. That could help Gordon's case when he applies for reinstatement to the league following his impending suspension. Gordon's hearing on that suspension is scheduled for sometime in the next two weeks, at which point the 16-game ban is expected to become official.

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The player rep for suspended Browns WR Josh Gordon confirms his appeal hearing is coming up "soon."

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ESPN's Kevin Seifert expects Josh Gordon to eventually get another chance to play in the NFL.

Gordon is facing at least a 16-game ban for repeated substance-abuse related infractions. But Seifert points out that players who committed far worse crimes -- Donte Stallworth, Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress -- eventually made their way back into the league. At just 23 years old, Gordon has plenty of time to get his head on straight and start living clean. Assuming the Browns stick by him during his suspension (he still has two years left on his rookie contract), enacting something similar to the "Dez Bryant rules" would make a ton of sense.

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According to a source with "knowledge of the dynamics of the situation," it's unlikely that the Browns cut Josh Gordon, but "remains possible."

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Cardinals FS Tyrann Mathieu believes no one can save Josh Gordon's career but Gordon.

This isn't the sort of item we'd typically post, but it's slow season, and notable because Mathieu went through Gordon-like lows at LSU. "Me having been through it and having a little bit of experience with that, I don't think anybody in the world could possibly tell him anything," Mathieu said. "Hopefully he will get the message, but most of the time it takes for people to hit rock bottom for them to start believing in their self and start seeking help. ... He just has to want it for himself." Mathieu's advice is far-more constructive than Cris Carter's.

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ESPN's Ed Werder reports people close to Josh Gordon are urging him to seek professional help to deal with his substance-abuse issues.

Werder added these issues have been part of Gordon's life since high school. As former Browns team captain LB D'Qwell Jackson perfectly said, "It's not about football anymore." The Browns believe Gordon's career is "hanging in the balance."

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Following his Saturday morning DWI arrest, suspended Browns WR Josh Gordon was bailed out of jail by Haydn "Fats" Thomas, a convicted felon.

Thomas, 39, has four aliases and an "extensive criminal background," including five known arrests in five different North Carolina counties. "Many of his charges are drug and gun related," although Thomas has somehow never served prison time. Thomas' last reported arrest came in December 2012, when he was charged with three felony marijuana violations and possession of a firearm.

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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says doubt is creeping in whether Josh Gordon will ever play for the Browns again.

Thanks to otherworldly talent, the Browns used a 2012 second-round supplemental pick on Gordon even though he had been kicked off of Baylor's team and subsequently failed a drug test at Utah. They then stuck by him through a two-game suspension last year, and publicly supported him after a recent failed drug test and a "passenger" getting cited for weed. But Saturday morning's DWI in North Carolina may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Gordon will almost certainly be suspended for the entire 2014 season, and is far from a lock to be reinstated in 2015. Former teammate D'Qwell Jackson tweeted the following Saturday: "If you're close to Josh Gordon please help this kid, it's not about football anymore it's about picking up the pieces of his life."

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WKYC reports Josh Gordon was arrested for DWI early Saturday morning in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Josh Gordon WR CLE 18 Days

Sources close to Josh Gordon tell the Cleveland Plain Dealer they're "concerned" Gordon "will have a tough time making it back into the NFL" if his one-year suspension stands.

The appeal of Gordon's ban will be held in late July. Per the Plain Dealer, the people are worried about Gordon losing his "support system," as he'll be away from the Browns' organization and ineligible to participate in football activities. The sources reportedly point to Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon, who was suspended indefinitely last November and is not expected to be reinstated in 2014. Gordon's Dynasty league owners should have similar worries.