Robert Griffin QB WAS 2 Months

Robert Griffin III said there are no longer any "ulterior motives" in the Redskins' organization.

"What I think is going to help us most this year is that everybody in that building is going to be for us being successful and for us winning," Griffin said. That unveiled jab at former-coach Mike Shanahan was quickly followed by Griffin saying new coach Jay Gruden "has been phenomenal." The feel-good factor is sky high in Washington right now, but that feeling will dissipate quickly if Washington's bottom-five defense does not make a significant improvement this time around.

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Redskins OC Sean McVay said Robert Griffin III "did an excellent job above the neck" during the offseason.

Robert Griffin QB WAS 3 Months

Reporting from Redskins OTAs, USA Today's Jim Corbett says Robert Griffin III "looks like a different QB."

Griffin tried to rush back too soon from his knee reconstruction last season, resulting in a nightmarish encore to his jaw-dropping rookie campaign. This year, Griffin will be nearly 20 months removed from his tear by the time Week 1 rolls around. He also has a passer-friendly head coach in Jay Gruden and an explosive new toy in DeSean Jackson. Griffin appears "effortless in his drops and throwing mechanics without that ball and chain knee brace," according to Corbett. RG3 is an excellent bet to make a smashing comeback.

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New head coach Jay Gruden said he only plans to use the read-option in "sprinkles here and there" this season.

Under the Shanahan & Son offense the last two seasons, the Redskins ran the read-option on 201-of-972 (20.6 percent) running plays. It resulted in Robert Griffin III taking a ton of hits, even on plays in which he handed the ball off. Gruden's more traditional, power-based scheme will lead to a decline in designed runs, but RG3 will have a better shot at sustaining health and remains a big-time bounce-back candidate. Gruden made Andy Dalton into a top-five fantasy quarterback, Griffin's knee is actually healthy and he has a shiny new toy in DeSean Jackson.

Robert Griffin QB WAS 4 Months

Redskins coach Jay Gruden reiterated in a radio interview that he has no plans to confine Robert Griffin III to the pocket, but that he may call fewer designed runs.

"Part of his effectiveness as a quarterback is his ability to run," Gruden said. "But will we have designed runs for him? Maybe not as many as they had last year, but there's a possibility of having those." A huge chunk of RGIII's fantasy value is derived from his legs, but he'll be attempting no shortage of throws for the pass-happy Gruden. Even if Griffin's designed runs are curtailed, he remains a prime bounce-back candidate another year removed from his knee injury.

Robert Griffin QB WAS 4 Months

Santana Moss and Chris Cooley are raving about how healthy Robert Griffin III looks.

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Robert Griffin III worked with quarterback guru Terry Shea this offseason to improve his mechanics.

Griffin spent six days in late-March working on his footwork and release point with Shea, who previously worked with RGIII prior to the 2012 combine. Shea suggests the majority of Griffin's struggles last year were due to his inability to drive off his surgically-repaired knee and believes his mechanics are finally "back on point" now that he's close to being fully recovered. "He looked 100-percent healthy," Shea told USA Today. "Reminded me of the old Robert Griffin. I liked everything I saw."

Robert Griffin QB WAS 5 Months

Redskins coach Jay Gruden wants Robert Griffin III to be a diverse and balanced quarterback so the team can tailor their offense to attack any defensive scheme.

With Gruden at the helm, it is almost a lock Griffin will throw the football 550+ times, but his use in the rushing game is more uncertain. Gruden said Washington will continue to employ the read-option in some capacity, but the volume of carries may come down to how comfortable RGIII feels rushing the ball. Griffin will be roughly 20 months removed from his ACL tear when Week 1 rolls around this season and is a prime candidate for a bounce-back season.

Robert Griffin QB WAS 5 Months

Robert Griffin III said he will not wear a knee brace this season.

The bulky brace Griffin lugged around throughout the 2013 season appeared to really limit him. He rushed for just 489 yards and zero touchdowns, often lacking the explosive edge speed we saw during his rookie campaign. When Week 1 comes around this year, he'll be roughly 20 months removed from his ACL tear and primed for a bounce-back under Jay Gruden.

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NFL Network's Charley Casserly believes the Redskins will "go hard" after offensive lineman in free agency.

According to Casserly, the Redskins main concern should be beefing up a diminutive offensive line that "only" averaged 308 pounds in 2013. New coach Jay Gruden said of the smallish offensive line, "You know they're smaller, but they can get out and move in space. But sometimes on third-and-long they sometimes get pushed back in the pocket. That's a negative." Robert Griffin III was sacked 38 times in only 13 games in 2013. If RGIII is to bounce back, the offensive line play in Washington will have to improve.