Kirk Cousins QB WAS 3 Months

Redskins GM Bruce Allen confirms he "never came close" to dealing No. 2 QB Kirk Cousins during the draft.

That's because Cousins isn't worth more than a day-three pick. At that price, the Redskins are much better of keeping a player who's attempted 203 passes in two years behind Robert Griffin III. Cousins is not a commodity. Perhaps Twitter will begin to realize that.

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 4 Months

A source tells the Washington Post that Kirk Cousins has drawn recent interest from "several teams."

The report states the Redskins continue to want at least a second-rounder in exchange for Cousins. If that's true, we'd be stunned if he isn't still a Redskin come Monday. In eight career NFL appearances, Cousins has posted a 56.2 completion percentage wtih eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He's 1-3 as a starter.

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 4 Months

Redskins GM Bruce Allen says he's had "no discussions" about trading Kirk Cousins.

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 4 Months

An NFL executive told ESPN Redskins reporter John Keim that Kirk Cousins "at most" is worth a third-round pick.

Speculation of a Cousins-to-Cleveland trade hasn't gone away deep into the pre-draft process, and may continue into Thursday based on Cousins' history with new Browns OC Kyle Shanahan. The most likely outcome remains Cousins toting the clipboard for at least one more year behind Robert Griffin III in D.C. There are more and more signs pointing to the Browns drafting a quarterback high.

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 4 Months6 Comments

The Cleveland Plain Dealer suggests the Browns could target Kirk Cousins in a draft-day trade.

"It's all on the table and it should be an exciting three days. It might even include trade discussions for Kirk Cousins," writes beat reporter Mary Kay Cabot. The Browns have ten picks in the upcoming draft, while the Redskins are without a first-rounder and may be looking for additional selections in what is widely considered the deepest draft in recent memory. The Redskins are reportedly seeking a second-round pick for Cousins. That's not going to happen. We bet they'd take a third-rounder.

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 5 Months2 Comments

Coach Jay Gruden said the Redskins haven't heard from any teams regarding a Kirk Cousins trade.

Once the Redskins put it out there that they wanted a second-round pick in exchange for Cousins, the rumors predictably died out. The third-year man is not going anywhere despite his offseason campaign. "You need two great quarterbacks," Gruden said. "The way Robert plays, you never know what can happen."

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 6 Months

ESPN's Adam Schefter stated on the Ross Tucker Podcast that two informed sources have told him the Redskins will not trade Kirk Cousins.

Schefter recently tweeted Cousins "is not going anywhere." Stated Schefter on Tucker's podcast, "Somebody told me not even with an ounce of hesitation that basically there's no way they're trading Kirk Cousins. ... And then, there was somebody else that I spoke to, who basically said 'that's exactly right. Not happening.'" Per Schefter, "Nobody's made an offer for Kirk Cousins, to my knowledge. They're not interested in listening to offers for Kirk Cousins. It's not gonna happen. That's why I tweeted he's not going anywhere."

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 6 Months1 Comment

Kirk Cousins again stated his desire to be a starter.

This story just won't die. Cousins is like just about every other NFL backup in that he wants to get on the field consistently and prove to the world he's a difference-maker. But he's entering the third year of a four-year contract and the Redskins reportedly want a second-round pick in exchange for their RG3 insurance plan. It's not going to happen, meaning Cousins needs to accept his role in Washington and not be a distraction.

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 6 Months

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Redskins "have no plans" to trade Kirk Cousins.

"He's not going anywhere," Schefter added. The Redskins were said to be seeking a second-round pick for their backup quarterback, and we'd find it hard to believe they'd turn that down if one was offered to them. However, there's little chance any team is willing to surrender that type of compensation for Cousins. He simply means more to the Redskins as a reliable backup to RGIII.

Kirk Cousins QB WAS 6 Months

A source tells the Washington Post that the Redskins want a second-round pick in exchange for Kirk Cousins.

They're highly unlikely to get it. Cousins profiles as more of a plus backup than a quality starter, as evidenced by his 56.2 completion percentage, 51.5 QBR and 8:10 TD-to-INT ratio in eight career games. It would be a sign of absolute desperation if a quarterback-needy team gave up a second-rounder for Cousins. The most likely outcome here has him returning to Washington as Robert Griffin III's backup.