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Bengals owner/GM Mike Brown believes walk-year QB Andy Dalton will be the team's quarterback for the "immediate future."

Brown also endorsed a Colin Kaepernick-style "pay as you go" type contract for Dalton's deal, and admitted the franchise tag is a possibility for 2015. All in all, it's not a very strong endorsement, definitely not the kind you'd hear from an owner talking about someone he considered a franchise quarterback.

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A.J. Green remains confident the Bengals will reach a long-term agreement with Andy Dalton.

"I know they know he's the guy," Green said confidently. "I feel like they're going to get something done before the season starts." Green has been outspoken in his support of his quarterback, but the team has been less effusive. Owner Mike Brown referred to the situation as a "dilemma" in March. Never known to overpay for anything, Brown is likely to drive a hard bargain with his middle-of-the-road quarterback.

Andy Dalton QB CIN 3 Months's Geoff Hobson believes new OC Hue Jackson intends to "take the load off" Andy Dalton, and reduce his pass attempts from last year's 586 to "closer to Russell Wilson's number of 407."

Hobson believes the Bengals may scrap Jay Gruden's old high-volume short to intermediate passing game, and allow the "running game to open up the deep ball." This, of course, is Jackson's offense. He's a power-run coach with vertical leanings in the passing attack. Turning Dalton into a low-volume game manager would significantly curb Dalton's fantasy appeal. It would also almost certainly curb the Bengals' team turnover rate.

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Andy Dalton says he'd be open to a clause-filled, year-to-year contract, a la Colin Kaepernick.

On the one hand, "obviously." On the other, it could be a cure to the contract stalemate between Dalton and a team that's leery of committing to him for 4-5 years. That being said, Dalton shouldn't expect to approach the $18 million average annual value of Kaepernick's "seven-year, $126.97 million" deal.

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New OC Hue Jackson emphasized that "first and foremost" the Bengals' offense must cut down turnovers.

Andy Dalton threw the fifth most interceptions (20) in football last season, and committed three more turnovers in Cincinnati's first-round playoff loss. "The ball is one of the most precious things in the game and we have to protect it with everything we have," said Jackson. "We have to find a way to consistently run the football and be a dominating, aggressive unit that we have the potential to be." Look for Dalton's pass attempts to drop significantly under Jackson as he's turned into more of a game manager.

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Bengals WRs Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones pointed to Andy Dalton's improved arm strength and velocity following Wednesday's OTAs.

"Best I've seen him," said Sanu. "It's on you fast. You turn around and you're like, 'whoa.'" Dalton worked with QB guru Tom House in Los Angeles over the offseason. "He's got a lot of zing, a lot of velocity to him,' said Jones. "He's spinning the ball real nice." Dalton is entering a contract year and is going to have his number of throws scaled back under new run-heavy OC Hue Jackson. Fantasy-wise, Dalton is a middling QB2 option.

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OC Hue Jackson confirmed the A.J. McCarron pick was "not about Andy Dalton."

The draft actually couldn't have gone much better for Dalton. The Bengals waited until the fifth round to select a quarterback, and went with one that profiles as a long-term backup. McCarron's big name doesn't change his status as a game manager.

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Walk-year QB Andy Dalton spent a week working with quarterback guru Tom House earlier this offseason.

A former MLB pitcher, House has worked with Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Carson Palmer, among others. "We tweaked a few things just to make sure all of your momentum, all your force, everything you have is going toward the target of where you're trying to throw," Dalton said. "I don't think the average person will notice it." Dalton is wise to seek any edge, but it's highly unlikely his week with House will have a perceptible effect on his 2014 play.

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New OC Hue Jackson has vowed to help Andy Dalton by placing more emphasis on the run game.

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Walk-year QB Andy Dalton confirms he's been having contract talks with the Bengals.

"There have been a couple of proposals sent over and different things," Dalton said in a Monday radio interview. "We're working. Hopefully, we can get something done. ... Obviously, everyone would like to get something done sooner rather than later." Coach Marvin Lewis has been stumping for Dalton this offseason, but the Bengals would be wise to take things slow. It's quite possible Dalton is allowed to play out the final year of his rookie contract.