Josh Brent DL DAL 1 Month

Former Cowboys DT Josh Brent was released from jail.

Brent was convicted of intoxication manslaughter in connection with a December 2012 drunk-driving crash that killed Cowboys practice-squad LB Jerry Brown. Brent has officially retired from the NFL, but Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones recently said the team would be open to bringing Brent back to the team. It is unclear whether Brent wants to return to football, or if he would face a suspension if he were to return.

Josh Brent DL DAL 2 Months

Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones said the team would be open to bringing back retired DT Josh Brent once he's released from jail.

Brent, of course, is in jail after he was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and ten years probation. Brent got off extremely easy. He was facing 20 years behind bars. That the Cowboys would even entertain this potential circus points to how dire the situation is on the defensive line in Dallas. Brent "retired" from the NFL last summer.

Josh Brent DL DAL 6 Months

Josh Brent was sentenced to 180 days in jail and 10 years probation as a result of his intoxication manslaughter conviction.

Josh Brent DL DAL 6 Months

Former Cowboys DT Josh Brent has been convicted of intoxication manslaughter.

After two days of deliberation, a Dallas County jury found Brent guilty. In December of 2012, Brent was driving drunk and wrecked his car, killing passenger and teammate Jerry Brown. Brent now faces up to 20 years in prison but also could be placed on probation. He retired from the NFL last summer.

Josh Brent DL DAL Jul 18 '131 Comment

Cowboys NT Josh Brent is retiring from the NFL after three seasons to focus on his off-the-field issues.

Brent says "it's the right thing to do" in order for him to get his life back on track following his December intoxicated manslaughter arrest that resulted in the death of teammate and best friend Jerry Brown. We were expecting a decision on Brent's roster spot to come before the weekend, but this wasn't the outcome many saw coming. Brent recorded 44 tackles and 1.5 sacks after being a seventh-round pick in the 2010 Supplemental Draft out of Illinois. We may see him back on an NFL field some day, but that's not a given.

Josh Brent DL DAL Jul 11 '13

Cowboys NT Josh Brent's status on the roster is expected to be determined before the team travels to Oxnard, California for training camp next week.

According to an NFL spokesman, the league is still reviewing the case. Brent was charged with intoxicated manslaughter in December, after he wrecked his car and killed teammate Jerry Brown. Brent is still on the Cowboys' roster and is eligible to practice, but he isn't expected to be in attendance.

Josh Brent DL DAL Jul 07 '13

Cowboys NT Josh Brent was released from jail on Sunday morning.

Brent, who went back to jail for violating the terms of his pretrial release by failing multiple drug tests, spent 11 days behind bars. He was released due to a court order, though details of it are unclear.

Josh Brent DL DAL Jul 02 '13

The lawyers for Cowboys NT Josh Brent are requesting Dallas district attorney Craig Watkins restrict his public comments to what are "ethically permissible" in Brent's intoxicated manslaughter case.

Watkins talked at length about the case in a radio interview last week, going as far as to say "when (Brent is found guilty)." Watkins probably got too loose-lipped, but neither his comments nor Brent's motion should have much effect on the case.

Josh Brent DL DAL Jul 02 '13

The Dallas County district attorney plans to seek jail time in Cowboys NT Josh Brent's intoxicated manslaughter case.

The DA went on local radio last week to say Brent "still uses alcohol and illicit drugs," and that he "wants him jailed for the crash" that killed former teammate Jerry Brown. Brent is currently in jail after violating the terms of his bond by failing two tests for marijuana. Meanwhile, the Cowboys continue to hold Brent's roster spot.

Josh Brent DL DAL Jun 27 '13

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the Cowboys have no plans to cut NT Josh Brent.

Even after his second failed drug test on Tuesday, which resulted in Brent being jailed Thursday, the Cowboys are still holding out hope that he can contribute on the field one day. The team is just waiting for the NFL to suspend the 25-year-old. He isn't getting paid or receiving any kind of treatment from the Cowboys. Aside from Brent making the team look bad, there's no other downside to keeping him around. It's purely a football decision.