Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months1 Comment

At his introductory press conference, new Bills WR Mike Williams admitted he needed to "grow up a little more."

Williams departure from Tampa Bay was preceded by -- and perhaps caused by -- two off-field incidents in a span of four months. Despite his relative success in the NFL, Williams does not possess the super talent necessary for teams to put up with the off-field headaches. If he can stay on the straight and narrow, Williams will provide the Bills a much needed redzone threat.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

Mike Williams (hamstring, thigh) expects to be 100 percent for the Bills' offseason program.

"I'm going to be ready for all the offseason workouts and things like that," Williams assured. "So I'll be 100 percent straight for that." Williams missed the second half of 2013 with a torn hamstring, and was stabbed in the thigh last month.

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Bills acquired WR Mike Williams from the Buccaneers for a sixth-round draft pick.

Williams' name has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this offseason, and he clearly was on the outs in Tampa. In Buffalo, Williams reunites with Doug Marrone. Marrone coached Williams at Syracuse in 2009 before Williams quit the team that November. Williams also grew up in Buffalo, so it's a homecoming. In 2010, Williams led all rookie receivers in catches, yards, and touchdowns. He's not an explosive athlete by any means but with 25 career touchdowns and a 6-foot-2, 212-pound frame, Williams has been a reliable red-zone option. Williams, Robert Woods, and Stevie Johnson project as Buffalo's top three wideouts, though Johnson has been rumored to be on the way out.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

Bucs WR Mike Williams is facing a lawsuit stemming from a kitchen fire in a home he rented last summer.

It's nothing serious, but Williams' name is in the news yet again for an off-field issue. The lawsuit alleges that he "negligently caused a fire while using the stove-top range," causing "heat, smoke and fire damage." The suit is seeking $54,453 plus interest and court costs.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

Bucs WR Mike Williams' misdemeanor criminal mischief and trespassing charges will be dropped if he completes an intervention program.

The charges were related to a December incident with Williams' ex-girlfriend. It's the best-possible outcome for the embattled wideout. Williams' legal issues are now mostly behind him, as he isn't facing charges for his role in a fight where he was allegedly stabbed by his brother last weekend.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

Witnesses allege Mike Williams was not the aggressor in the March 23 incident that ended in his stabbing by Williams' 23-year-old brother, Eric Baylor.

A carpet cleaning crew was at Williams' house when the stabbing took place. It's believed Baylor had damaged Williams' Bentley, knocking out the back window. "Mike wasn't the aggressor, but I guess he was a little upset about that and he told him to get out," stated carpet cleaner Clermon Vaughn. Williams was cut in the left thigh with a "paring knife, maybe 3-4 inches from the handle, like you'd cut an apple with." Williams was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

Coach Lovie Smith backed Mike Williams on Tuesday, saying being a victim of a stabbing isn't going to get Williams "kicked off the football team."

"You can't blame a guy for being a victim," Smith added. "Hopefully, we can get past this type of thing." This obviously doesn't mean Williams' roster spot is safe, but it's not going to be the straw to break his back. Smith has previously voiced displeasure with Williams, and GM Jason Licht said he was "disappointed" that Williams was involved in yet another off-field incident. If the Bucs can land Sammy Watkins in the draft, that could seal Williams' fate.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

Mike Williams' brother, 23-year-old Eric Baylor, has turned himself into police after allegedly stabbing Williams in the left thigh Sunday.

Baylor was immediately arrested on a second-degree felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Williams told police the stabbing took place accidentally "during a wrestling match" -- in an apparent attempt to protect his brother -- but authorities aren't buying it. Baylor fled and was missing until Monday night. New Bucs GM Jason Licht told reporters at the league meetings Monday that he was "disappointed" to learn of Williams' latest off-field incident. Williams may have played his last snap in Tampa.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

The Tampa Bay Times reports police do not consider Mike Williams' Sunday stabbing accidental, and have issued an arrest warrant for his brother.

Williams claimed he was accidentally stabbed during "horseplay" with his brother, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Williams suffered only minor injuries, and was released from the hospital on Sunday. Speaking Monday, Bucs GM Jason Licht said the team had yet to hear from Williams "despite reaching out to him." Williams' days with the Bucs are numbered.

Mike Williams WR BUF 4 Months

Mike Williams' $6.8 million salary for 2015 is not guaranteed until the third day of the 2015 league year.