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The Ravens are expected to feature a lot of two-tight end sets this season.

The signing of Owen Daniels will not have a large impact on the production of Dennis Pitta, who was signed to a $32 million contract in February. New offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak will make strong use both players via "12" formations, with the more athletic and speedy Pitta getting featured in the "move" role. He remains a strong candidate to lead the Ravens in catches.

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TE Dennis Pitta admitted he lacked some explosiveness and strength after returning from a hip injury late last season but feels he is getting close to 100%.

Pitta posted a 20-169-1 stat line in four games after returning from injury but unsurprisingly lacked some quickness just four months removed from hip surgery. Now healthy and with new OC Gary Kubiak in town, Pitta is a candidate for a major 2014 breakout. He is a clear TE1 in 2014 PPR fantasy leagues.

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months

Ravens re-signed TE Dennis Pitta to a five-year contract.

Early last week the two sides were reportedly far apart before they made progress at the Combine. Pitta and LT Eugene Monroe were/are GM Ozzie Newsome's top two priorities before free agency opens March 11. Newsome now has Pitta locked up and can work on Monroe. Monroe will be a candidate for the franchise tag if a deal can't be reached before Monday afternoon. It'll be interesting to see the figures on Pitta's contract. He was reportedly planning to fight for the wide receiver franchise tag if tagged as a tight end. Pitta will be a mid-to-high TE1 in new OC Gary Kubiak's offense. Joe Flacco has his security blanket.

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months's Ian Rapoport reports free agent Dennis Pitta and the Ravens are "making progress" on a long-term agreement, but that there's "nothing imminent."

The Baltimore Sun reported earlier Monday that the Ravens are "urgently" trying to get Pitta locked up before the March 3 franchise-tag deadline. Pitta is clearly GM Ozzie Newsome's top in-house priority, and for good reason. Joe Flacco had embarrassingly few targets to throw to while Pitta was sidelined with a hip injury last season. One way or another, he'll be back with the Ravens in 2014.

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months

Sources tell the Baltimore Sun that the Ravens have made free agent Dennis Pitta a major negotiating priority.

Beat writer Aaron Wilson says the Ravens are "urgently" trying to lock up their pass-catching tight end. If the two sides can't work out a deal by March 3, he's fully expected to get the franchise tag despite the impending issues regarding tight end vs. wide receiver status. Pitta is a strong bet to be back with the Ravens as a core piece of new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak's offense.

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months

Ravens HC John Harbaugh said he was "very optimistic" the Ravens will keep hold of free agent TE Dennis Pitta.

Reports suggest the Ravens will franchise tag Pitta if a deal cannot be reached by March 3, but Harbaugh said, "The franchise tag is very vague right now, so anything could happen." The vagueness stems from Pitta's position designation. The tight end tag would only cost Baltimore $6.709 million, but Pitta could file a grievance to be considered a wide receiver. If Pitta wins that grievance, his tag number would jump to $11.5 million. The uncertainty makes tagging Pitta a risky move for Baltimore.

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months1 Comment

A source predicted to the Baltimore Sun that the Ravens will franchise tag free agent Dennis Pitta if the sides don't reach a long-term contract agreement before the March 3 deadline.

March 3 is the deadline for teams to apply franchise and transition tags. The Ravens aren't going to let Pitta walk, and will tag him if that's what it comes to. The Sun reported earlier this week that the sides are "far apart" in contract talks. The tight end tag is worth a reasonable $6.709 million, but Pitta is expected to file a grievance if tagged, arguing he's a wide receiver.

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months

The Baltimore Sun reports the Ravens and free agent Dennis Pitta are "far apart" in ongoing contract talks.

Unless the gap is bridged between now an March 3, the deadline for teams to use the franchise tag, Pitts is expected to be tagged. If Pitta is franchised, he's expected to file a grievance arguing that he should be paid as a receiver. Either way, Pitta is expected to be with the Ravens for the 2014 season at the very least.

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months

The Baltimore Sun suggests free agent Dennis Pitta could argue he's a wide receiver if franchise tagged as a tight end by the Ravens.

Per Pro Football Focus, Pitta ran 79.7 percent of his 2013 pass routes in the slot, the highest percentage in the league. The tight end tag is worth $6.7 million, while the receiver tag is $11.5 million. The two-week window for teams to slap franchise tags begins on Monday. In an ideal world, the Ravens could avoid this potential dispute by signing Pitta long term. A source tells the Sun, however, that the sides "haven't made substantial progress in contract talks."

Dennis Pitta TE BAL 2 Months

New Ravens OC Gary Kubiak said he was "very impressed" with free agent Dennis Pitta when studying him.