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The Taunton Daily Gazette reports prosecutors in the Aaron Hernandez case won't call Carlos Ortiz, once believed to be the star witness, to the stand to testify as a witness at all.

Neither Ortiz nor Ernest Wallace, the two men believed to be in the car with Hernandez and victim Odin Lloyd on the night of the murder, apparently will not be called as witnesses. Prosecutors reportedly view Ortiz as "completely unreliable" because his story has changed dramatically over the past couple months. Prosecutors now want to look over Hernandez's phone conversations via text message in search of "coded messages" he may have sent to his fiancee or cousin. The case against Hernandez may not be as strong as once believed.

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A search warrant has been released that explains why Boston police suspect Aaron Hernandez in a 2012 double homicide.

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Aaron Hernandez has been indicted by a grand jury with first-degree murder in the killing of Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez had already been charged with first-degree murder and a number of weapons violations in the June 17 death of Lloyd, and he's been held without bail since June 26. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty. The indictment reaffirms the charges already brought against him. Prosecutors say Hernandez "orchestrated" the murder.

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Sources tell ESPN that the Patriots do not intend to pay Aaron Hernandez an $82,000 offseason workout bonus due Aug. 1.

In theory, Hernandez earned the $82K by participating in spring workouts. Of course, he was subsequently charged with murder and released by the team. The Patriots also intend to withhold a $3.25 million bonus due in March of 2014. Hernandez's agents are expected to file a grievance against the Patriots in an attempt to secure remaining guarantees on their client's contract.

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According to the Associated Press, court documents indicate Carlos Ortiz told Massachusetts authorities he was told by Ernest Wallace that Aaron Hernandez fired the fatal shots in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

If it sounds convoluted, it's because it is. Ortiz's testimony is near dictionary definition hearsay, but still damning nonetheless. Adding to the confusion is that Ortiz is reportedly not cooperating with police. He apparently was initially, however. Earlier in the day, it was reported that Hernandez slammed the door on police when they first arrived at his North Attleboro home for questioning.

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In a letter written to the Patriots prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, Aaron Hernandez offered to take additional drug tests to ease concerns about his past.

Hernandez offered to willfully submit to bi-weekly drug tests during the 2010 season, and to "reimburse" the team a pro-rata amount for any failed drug test. The former tight end went on to say he instructed his agents "to be creative in finding a contract structure" that would donate his salary to a charity of the Patriot's choice in the case of a positive test, since he could not directly forfeit money to the team under the CBA. The letter serves as another example Hernandez' duplicity.

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Urban Meyer told GatorSports.com he was alerted at the time that Florida players were questioned as witnesses in an unsolved 2007 Gainesville shooting.

Meyer said he was told by an assistant that the players were questioned as witnesses and "I didn't think about it again until a couple of days ago." Meyer initially wasn't saying anything regarding Aaron Hernandez, but recently talked to the Columbus Dispatch via text message. Meyer said that reports of multiple failed drug test from Hernandez are "absolutely not true."

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Court documents indicate that fellow suspect Carlos Ortiz will testify against Aaron Hernandez in the Odin Lloyd murder case.

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According to the Associated Press, court documents suggest police may have turned up "key evidence" in the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation in a "flop house" rented by the former Patriots tight end.

Police searching Hernandez's alternate apartment in Franklin, Mass. reportedly turned up a sweatshirt and baseball hat "similar to what Hernandez wore the night of Odin Lloyd was killed." They also found boxes of bullets. In another Hernandez development, the prosecution has reportedly "reached out to the police in Gainesville, Fla." to determine if Hernandez had a role in a 2007 shooting that left two men wounded. The alleged pattern of violence in Hernandez's past grows more disturbing by the day.

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Sherrif Thomas Hodgson said he'll try to prevent Aaron Hernandez from getting married while in jail.

Anyone who has seen The Sopranos knows that married couples are shielded from testifying against each other. "I feel that those rights are things that you access on the outside, if you're a good citizen," Hodgson said. "We'll do everything we can to not have that happen." Hernandez's team will try to argue that he was engaged to Shayanna Jenkins before he was arrested. Meanwhile, the former Patriot is living in a 7-by-10 cell in a facility that has no televisions or exercise equipment. His North Attleborough was 7,100 square feet.