Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Days

Coach Jeff Fisher said Sam Bradford (knee) is full-go for the start of training camp.

"Sam is in great shape," Fisher said. "He's ready to go. We don't have (reservations) - right now as we speak, as camp starts - he's full-go. If we need to back him down here and there, we'll back him down." Bradford tore his ACL in Week 7 and participated in spring practices. Fisher added the Rams may hold him out of the preseason opener as a precaution, but he will get some exhibition work. He's entering the summer as a back-end QB2.

Sam Bradford QB STL 2 Months

Sam Bradford (ACL surgery) will be ready to participate in the Rams minicamp this week.

Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Months

Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, Rams coach Jeff Fisher insisted the Rams never shopped Sam Bradford in the run up to the draft.

Fisher claimed that the Rams not only made zero calls, but received zero. It strains belief, but Bradford's contract always made a deal a long-shot. Yahoo's Charles Robinson reported Friday that the Rams would have given Johnny Manziel stronger consideration had they received a "significant trade offer" for Bradford. That's more plausible than Fisher's claim that Bradford's St. Louis future was never in doubt.

Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Months

Yahoo investigative reporter Charles Robinson suggests the Rams would have given Johnny Manziel more serious consideration in the draft had they received a "significant trade offer" for Sam Bradford.

It's believed the Rams had some pre-draft discussions with the Vikings, but nothing came of it, likely due to Bradford's unwieldy contract. The Rams passed on Manziel (twice), and can now sell their interest as feigned, or a "smokescreen." As Robinson writes, "only (GM Les) Snead and coach Jeff Fisher will ever know their true intentions." Bradford is entering a make-or-break year.

Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Months

Sources tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Sam Bradford was informed of the Johnny Manziel smokescreen by the Rams before it happened.

The Rams aren't going to take a quarterback in Round 1, and probably won't in Round 2 either. They were just trying to drum up interest in the No. 2 overall pick by leaking Manziel interest, and they informed Bradford of the ploy so he didn't feel disrespected. The Post-Dispatch believes the Rams will take one of the top-two offensive tackles (Auburn's Greg Robinson or Texas A&M's Jake Matthews) if they get "stuck" with the second overall pick.

Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Months

Appearing on stage with Sam Bradford at a pre-draft party with season-ticket holders, Rams coach Jeff Fisher stated "He's our guy."

"He" is Bradford, of course. Although conspiracy theorists enjoy deeming any and all pre-draft team actions "smokescreens," our takeaway from this public declaration of commitment to Bradford seals the deal on the Johnny Manziel rumors. (St. Louis isn't taking him.) NFL Network's Mike Mayock, who remains plugged in even if his tape evaluations aren't quite as intensive as they once were, released a mock draft Wednesday that didn't have Manziel in the top-15 picks. ESPN's Todd McShay also spoke at length Wednesday about how he believes Manziel will drop out of the top ten. We'll (finally) get answers on this stuff tomorrow night.

Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Months

Coach Jeff Fisher endorsed Sam Bradford at the Rams' pre-draft presser.

"Sam is our starter," Fisher said. "That is why I took the job." Although an endorsement on the surface, Fisher's words are hardly unequivocal. In reality, all he's really saying is that Bradford is the Rams' starter right now. Fisher has set it up so he can insist Bradford was his man all along if the Rams pass on Johnny Manziel, but has hardly quashed the talk. GM Les Snead passed on a similar opportunity on Tuesday's NFL AM on NFL Network.

Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Months

Vikings GM Rick Spielman denies that he and the Rams have discussed a trade revolving around Sam Bradford.

"I have not had any specific talks with the Rams," Spielman said at his pre-draft presser Tuesday. We wouldn't expect him to say anything else. The Rams had been publicly adamant that Bradford is their starter, but GM Les Snead appeared on NFL AM Tuesday morning and completely danced around a question from Michelle Beisner when she asked him to set the record straight on Bradford. In two more days we'll have a much clearer picture of the Rams' plans.

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"Extremely reliable sources" tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the Rams are not shopping Sam Bradford.

Sam Bradford QB STL 3 Months

Amid trade rumors and speculation they might draft Johnny Manziel, PFT's Mike Florio reports the Rams "insist privately" that they "remain committed" to Sam Bradford.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells Profootballtalk the Rams are "doing extensive homework on numerous players, including Manziel," but Bradford "remains the starter." That of course, could change if the Rams drafted a new starter. Florio certainly isn't shooting down rumors of St. Louis moving on from Bradford, adding "we caught wind of rumors of talks between the Rams and Browns." We can only wait and see, and say we'll get answers on Thursday.