DeSean Jackson WR WAS 19 Days

Free agent DeSean Jackson will remain in Washington through Tuesday evening.

D-Jax's official visit ended Tuesday afternoon, but the sides are still trying to hammer out a deal. On one hand, it's a good sign Jackson doesn't want to leave town. On the other, the more time that passes without an agreement, the more likely D-Jax is to begin making other visits.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 19 Days's Albert Breer confirms the 49ers reached out to free agent DeSean Jackson about a visit after he was cut by the Eagles, but that "nothing has been set up since."

Per Breer, communication between the sides is "on hold" as D-Jax waits for a resolution to his Redskins visit. It's unclear if the 49ers are next in line if Jackson leaves Washington, D.C. without a deal, but it's a good bet.

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Free agent DeSean Jackson has left Redskins Park but plans to stay in town with hopes of striking a deal.

Jackson spent about three hours at the Redskins facility Tuesday afternoon. This was after he arrived in town on Monday, went out last night with some players and rapper Wale, and then had breakfast with Redskins officials. Both sides have a strong interest in working out a contract, and Jackson's agent, Joel Segal, is also in town to talk financials. Ultimately, we'd be surprised if the Redskins don't land him. The 49ers and Browns aren't believed to be serious suitors.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 19 Days

NFL Network's Albert Breer reports the 49ers are only interested in free agent DeSean Jackson if the price is right.

CSN Bay Area expressed similar thoughts, while ESPN's Adam Schefter calls the 49ers' interest in Jackson "real" but "guarded." The 49ers are only about $5 million under the salary cap and don't have a ton of money to throw around. They're also already paying significant dollars to all three of Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and Vernon Davis. With Jackson probably eyeing $6-10 million annually, it just doesn't quite add up. The Redskins remain the most logical landing spot for Jackson. Cleveland has money but might be a long shot.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 19 Days

NBC Washington D.C. reports the Browns and 49ers are interested in and have reached out to free agent DeSean Jackson.

The Browns are "going hard" with an offer to Jackson while the 49ers contacted Jackson during his visit with the Redskins and have "thrown their hat in the ring" for the 27-year-old. If the Redskins want to land Jackson, it appears they can't let him leave the facility on Tuesday. Jackson and Josh Gordon in Cleveland would almost be unfair. Either player could take the top off the defense at any time and would provide whoever the quarterback is with two legitimate No. 1s. In San Fran, Jackson's numbers would likely suffer in a run-heavy offense that also includes Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Anquan Boldin.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 19 Days reports the Raiders are leery about signing free agent DeSean Jackson.

GM Reggie McKenzie is reportedly worried about Jackson's reputation as a me-first player who can't be controlled. And considering the Raiders could be in for another long season of piling up losses, it might not be the best idea to have Jackson around throwing a fit. Jackson seems destined to land with the Redskins. He'll continue his visit with Washington on Tuesday.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 19 Days

Citing two people with knowledge of the situation, the Washington Post reports the Redskins have "made progress toward a deal" with free agent DeSean Jackson, but no agreement is finalized.

Jackson looked like he had a great time clubbing with DeAngelo Hall and rapper Wale late Monday, per his Instagram account, but D-Jax is very interested in money. And he's probably going to the team willing to pay him the most. In other words, Jackson may have to take one more free agent visit to max every penny he can out of Skins owner Dan Snyder. One source with knowledge of negotiations did tell the Post early Tuesday that the sides are "getting close."

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A source tells 97.5 radio in Philadelphia that free agent DeSean Jackson signing with the Redskins is a "done deal."

This report was quickly brushed off by a fistful of national media, with most saying a pact is close but not quite done yet. All we know for certain is that Jackson had a good meeting with the Redskins on Monday, spent the evening at the club with some members of the team and will meet again Tuesday. All signs point toward a signing happening then, meaning the Eagles will have to face Jackson twice this season.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 20 Days's Albert Breer confirms free agent DeSean Jackson is visiting the Redskins on Monday.

It's D-Jax's first visit. Players rarely escape their first visit without a contract, but it's unclear if the Redskins can truly play ball with Jackson's financial demands.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 20 Days

Sources tell ESPN's Ed Werder that two teams are in "deep negotiations" with free agent DeSean Jackson.

It's an eyebrow-raiser because Werder says these two teams have not been identified publicly has having interest in Jackson. That rules out the Redskins, Raiders, Bills, Jets and 49ers. And despite serious needs, the Chiefs and Panthers have said they're not interested. We have a couple darkhorses in the mix as Jackson meets with Dan Snyder in Virgina Monday. "Lot of research needs to be done here. High risk, potentially high reward," one NFL head coach told Werder.