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DeSean Jackson has reported to the Redskins' offseason conditioning program.

Jackson drew criticism for skipping the program's first week due to a "previously scheduled vacation," but arrived in Washington on Sunday night and reported to Redskins Park on Monday. The Redskins were aware of Jackson's vacation plans before signing him to a three-year, $24 million contract on April 1.

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Ex-Eagles teammate LeSean McCoy claims he never saw anything that resembled the reports of disputes between DeSean Jackson and Chip Kelly.

It's the first teammate that's come to Jackson's defense since his release. McCoy also downplayed the idea that Jackson didn't connect with the team and coaching staff. "It's a surprise for sure," McCoy said. "When you say he didn't bond with the team, I don't know what that means because I was a teammate and we bonded. I'm sure Howie [Roseman] and the guys, they have something up their sleeve. It's definitely some big shoes to fill."

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 11 Days

CBS Philadelphia reports DeSean Jackson skipped his end-of-season exit interview with Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

Per reporter Joseph Santoliquito, Jackson was "possibly the only Eagle" to skip his interview. It would be a highly-unusual move, one certain to rankle management. It's never a good look for a team to smear a player on his way out the door, but it's pretty clear things had become untenable between Philly and D-Jax. Both sides needed a change.

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DeSean Jackson is not attending this week's offseason workouts due to a previously scheduled vacation.

Some players would cancel their plans in order to make a good impression on their new team. Not "MeSean." He's posting pictures on the beach via Instagram while the rest of his teammates get to know new coach Jay Gruden for the first time. Jackson cleared the absence with the team and these workouts are far from crucial, but it's not going to do anything to heal his scarred reputation.

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Numerous sources tell CBS Philly that DeSean Jackson was "blatantly insubordinate" and "not very well liked by his teammates" with the Eagles, leading to his release before signing with Washington.

CBS Philly reports Jackson threw "temper tantrums cussing out (Chip) Kelly several times in front of the team," and was "more concerned with his rap label" than winning football games. The dislike among teammates would seem to be confirmed by their dispassionate reactions to his departure. "I'll put it this way, when it came out last Friday that [Jackson] was released," said one source, "more than a few guys were happy it happened. They said 'good riddance.'"

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DeSean Jackson's contract with the Redskins has $16 million fully guaranteed, including a $5 million signing bonus.

On paper, it's a three-year, $24 million deal as originally announced. But in reality, Jackson is only certain to get two years and $16 million. Still, it's $1 million more in guaranteed money than he got from the Eagles in his 2012 contract and his average annual salary is $700,000 more than top free agent receiver Eric Decker got from the Jets. Considering Jackson's off-field issues, how late we are in free agency and the notion that the Redskins were bidding against themselves, it's a decent deal struck by agent Joel Segal. Jackson also gets to be an unrestricted free agent again at age 30, setting himself up for one more payday if he keeps his nose clean.

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Redskins agreed to terms with WR DeSean Jackson, formerly of the Eagles.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 20 Days

Free agent DeSean Jackson will remain in Washington through Tuesday evening.

D-Jax's official visit ended Tuesday afternoon, but the sides are still trying to hammer out a deal. On one hand, it's a good sign Jackson doesn't want to leave town. On the other, the more time that passes without an agreement, the more likely D-Jax is to begin making other visits.

DeSean Jackson WR WAS 20 Days's Albert Breer confirms the 49ers reached out to free agent DeSean Jackson about a visit after he was cut by the Eagles, but that "nothing has been set up since."

Per Breer, communication between the sides is "on hold" as D-Jax waits for a resolution to his Redskins visit. It's unclear if the 49ers are next in line if Jackson leaves Washington, D.C. without a deal, but it's a good bet.

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Free agent DeSean Jackson has left Redskins Park but plans to stay in town with hopes of striking a deal.

Jackson spent about three hours at the Redskins facility Tuesday afternoon. This was after he arrived in town on Monday, went out last night with some players and rapper Wale, and then had breakfast with Redskins officials. Both sides have a strong interest in working out a contract, and Jackson's agent, Joel Segal, is also in town to talk financials. Ultimately, we'd be surprised if the Redskins don't land him. The 49ers and Browns aren't believed to be serious suitors.