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Jay Cutler confirmed he's more familiar in second-year coach Marc Trestman's offense this season.

"This is only the second or third time I've been in an offense multiple years," Cutler said. "Talent-wise and being in the system, all that adds up. Hopefully we stay healthy and see where this goes." Cutler expects to play faster now that he's acclimated in Trestman's scheme and will have more flexibility at the line of scrimmage. He was on pace for a career-high 31 touchdowns last year, but missed five games to injury. Signed to a seven-year, $126 million extension in January, Cutler is owed $54 million guaranteed over the next three seasons.

Jay Cutler QB CHI 26 Days

Bears QB coach Matt Cavanaugh coach said he's seen "incredible progress" from Jay Cutler this offseason.

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Coach Marc Trestman says Jay Cutler is "bigger, he's stronger than a year ago."

"Jay has really worked hard in the offseason, and he has always been a hard worker in his conditioning and his training, but he has really amped it up," Trestman continued. Cutler is going to be a 2014 value pick. If we combine his and Josh McCown's numbers from 2013, they would have been fantasy's No. 5 quarterback. Cutler has one of the best supporting casts and an ultra-friendly system under Trestman. The main concern, as always with Cutler, is durability.

Jay Cutler QB CHI 4 Months

The Bears have converted $5 million of Jay Cutler's 2014 base salary into a "signing" bonus, creating $4 million in cap room.

The Bears just signed Cutler to a seven-year, $126.7 million contract on January 2, so the fact that they're already having to restructure could be considered a small reason for concern. His base salary dropped from $22.5 million to $17.5 million, and Cutler "loses" no money in the "new" deal. The Bears will likely use the salary cap savings to get their incoming rookie class signed.

Jay Cutler QB CHI 7 Months

The Bears can cut Jay Cutler three seasons into his new seven-year deal with no cap hit.

Everyone that freaked out over the length of Cutler's deal can breathe now. He got no signing bonus, only guaranteed base salaries of $22.5M in 2014, $15.5M in 2015 and $16M in 2016 for a total of $54 million guaranteed. If the Bears want to move on in 2017 when Cutler turns 34 years old, they'll be able to do so with no strings attached.

Jay Cutler QB CHI 7 Months

NFL.com's Ian Rapoport reports Jay Cutler's seven-year deal is worth $126 million, and includes $54 million guaranteed.

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Bears signed QB Jay Cutler to a seven-year contract.

Jay Cutler QB CHI 7 Months

Impending free agent Jay Cutler expects to find "equal ground" with the Bears in contract talks.

"I don't know when it's going to happen," Cutler admitted. "And eventually it might not happen. But we're going to take a crack at it, I'm sure. ... You never know how it's going to go." Cutler's ambivalence could be taken as a side that the sides are indeed planning a divorce, but it's likely neither party yet knows how things are going to turn out. It's extremely rare for franchise-caliber quarterbacks to simply walk in free agency. We doubt Cutler will be the exception.

Jay Cutler QB CHI 7 Months

Jay Cutler completed 15-of-24 passes for 226 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in Chicago's 33-28, Week 17 loss to the Packers.

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Coach Marc Trestman confirmed the Bears will start Jay Cutler in Week 17.

Cutler was not sharp in the 54-11 loss at Philadelphia on Sunday night, completing just 57.1 percent of his passes for 222 yards with one touchdown and one interception. But he had zero protection, getting sacked five times and taking a ton of hits. Trestman has already proven that he's going to ride or die with Cutler as he sat down a white-hot Josh McCown for Week 15. The Bears will face the Packers with the NFC North title and a playoff berth on the line in Week 17.