Michael Vick QB NYJ 1 Month

SI's Peter King suggests the 49ers as a possible backup plan for free agent QB Michael Vick.

The obvious landing spots for Vick are places that can offer him a chance to compete for the starting job. King says the Jets make the most sense and lists the Raiders as well. But if those opportunities dry up, backup jobs with the Eagles and 49ers will come into play. Colin Kaepernick's No. 2 right now is McLeod Bethel-Thompson. Last year's backup, Colt McCoy, is a free agent.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 1 Month

Free agent Michael Vick is unlikely to sign with the Jaguars or Vikings after they re-signed Chad Henne and Matt Cassel, respectively.

PFT's Mike Florio reports that the Jaguars' "interest" in Vick may not have been genuine, and may have been floated to the media in an effort to get Henne to agree to terms. The Vikings were never really thought to be a realistic option, either. Other teams that could have interest in a veteran quarterback include the Jets, Bills, Texans, Bucs, and Raiders. The Jets make a lot of sense for Vick.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months

The Associated Press reports free agent Michael Vick could still end up re-signing with the Eagles.

According to a source, Vick could return if he "doesn't find the right fit elsewhere." Speaking in January, Vick himself said he'd be willing to return if "all else fails," so it's not exactly news. Vick has been linked to essentially every quarterback-needy team. He's likely moving on.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months

A source tells Profootballtalk that free agent Michael Vick could become a serious option for the Vikings if they fail to re-sign Matt Cassel.

Outside of Adrian Peterson, it's the first time Vick has been linked to the Vikings. He'd make the Vikes more competitive than Cassel, but would be a far poorer bet to stay healthy. The league's anonymous sources have yet to identify a favorite for Vick's services.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months

NFL.com's Ian Rapoport reports the Jaguars could be interested in free agent Michael Vick.

Per Rapsheet, the Jags still want to re-sign Chad Henne, "but would be in" on Vick or Josh McCown. Vick has been linked to just about every quarterback-needy team, but a favorite for his services hasn't emerged. The Jags would have no need for Vick if they keep Henne as their bridge quarterback.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months

Adrian Peterson tweeted his desire for the Vikings to sign free agent QB Michael Vick.

Peterson is never shy about giving personnel advice. This offseason, he's stated he doesn't want the Vikings to roll with a first-round rookie, instead preferring them to re-sign Matt Cassel. Now he took to Twitter to say he believes Vick would instantly make the Vikings a playoff team. Peterson's desire to win now is understandable as he enters his age-29 season. The problem is that Vick would be a heavy underdog to stay healthy long enough to reach a January game. ESPN's Adam Schefter has previously written that he doesn't see the Vikings going after Vick.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months

ESPN's Adam Schefter would not be surprised if the Bills "made a run" at free agent Michael Vick.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months1 Comment

ESPN's Adam Schefter stated on the Ross Tucker Podcast that he "definitely" expects the Jets to be "in play" for free agent Michael Vick when the market opens.

Schefter indicated the Jets' interest in Vick is stronger than their desire to sign fellow free agent Josh McCown. "I don't expect Michael Vick to be back in Philadelphia," said Schefter. "...And then he's gonna have to decide what's the best circumstance for him moving forward. I think the Jets will be in play. ... I definitely think the Jets will have some level of interest in Michael Vick. Definitely." The Jets would view Vick as a training camp competitor with beleaguered sophomore quarterback Geno Smith.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months2 Comments

A source confirms to PFT that the Bengals have no interest in free agent Michael Vick.

When Vick first got out of prison and Andy Dalton was a rookie in 2011, the Bengals reportedly had interest. But now that Vick is an injury-prone 34-year-old, rocking Dalton's boat wouldn't make much sense. Vick would be a far better fit as a bridge quarterback with a team like the Raiders, Jets or Texans. Meanwhile, there have been whispers that the Bengals are looking to extend Dalton's contract, which expires after the 2014 season.

Michael Vick QB NYJ 2 Months

CBS' Jason La Canfora reports the Raiders are "mulling" free agent Michael Vick.

La Canfora also reports the Texans are "seen as a likely landing spot for (Vick)," but it's unclear if he's simply spitballing. Per La Canfora, the Jets are an unlikely landing spot, while the Eagles remain in play. There haven't been many concrete reports on a soft market's "top available quarterback," but that should change in the run up to the March 11 start of free agency.