Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 7 Months

Coach Bruce Arians wants Larry Fitzgerald to play inside more as he gets older.

Much like Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald was a strict outside receiver throughout his career. But Arians is a master of moving his veteran receivers all over the formation, squeezing out better matchups. "Guys lose a step at age 30," Arians said. "It's just natural. As hard as they train and everything, at 30 it's just a different ballgame. They accept it, they want to become better players, they say help me become a better player than when I was 26. This is how you do it." Fitz will turn 31 in August and is entering the equivalent of a contract year. He's a good bet to improve on the 954 receiving yards he posted in 2013.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months

ESPN Cardinals blogger Josh Weinfuss now sees 2014 as "the equivalent of a contract year" for Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald's restructure merely buys the Cardinals a little time. In 2015, he now carries a $23.6 million cap hit as well as $16 million in total salary. If Fitz fails to reach 1,000 yards for the third straight season and Michael Floyd continues to come on as a potential No. 1 wideout, the Cards may be forced to move on. If he finds his Hall of Fame form, Weinfuss thinks Arizona will "find a way" to swallow the cap hit.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months's Albert Breer reports Larry Fitzgerald's contract restructure converted $11.75 million of his $12.75 million base salary into a bonus, creating $9.4 million of cap space.

That means Fitzgerald will technically make only $1 million in 2014, but gets $11.75 million right now. The $11.75 million the Cardinals "saved" will be spread out in $2.35 million installments over the next five seasons. The move saves Arizona a ton of cash up front, but sends Fitz's 2015 cap number to an untenable $23.6 million. The Cardinals are going to have an extremely hard decision to make a year from now.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months

According to "two NFL sources," Larry Fitzgerald has agreed only to a "simple restructuring," and not a pay cut.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months

Larry Fitzgerald has agreed to a restructured contract.

Fitzgerald tweeted that he signed a restructured deal on Tuesday morning. Beyond that, details are scarce. What we do know is that the new deal will reduce Fitz's $18 million cap number, and ensure that he remains a Cardinal through at least 2014. What's unclear is if Fitz has agreed to a simple restructure, or an actual pay cut. There had been reports that Fitz was not open to the latter. A restructure would simply push the bill down the road in the form of a prorated bonus. According to, the team entered the offseason with less than $2 million in cap space.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months

Speaking Thursday, Cardinals president Michael Bidwill hinted Larry Fitzgerald has told the team he's willing to restructure his contract.

"We're excited he's going to work with us to help improve the team," Bidwill said. It's unclear if Bidwill is referring to talks that have already happened, or Fitz's Thursday comments that he's open to a restructure. "I understand at 30 years old there are things that need to change," Fitz said. "That's part of football, that's part of being an older veteran. ... I want to see this team do well." Although Fitz is open to a restructure - from which he would have little to lose - it's unclear if he's open to an actual pay cut.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months

Larry Fitzgerald says he's "absolutely" willing to restructure his contract.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months

The Boston Herald reports the Patriots and Cardinals "never" engaged in trade negotiations about Larry Fitzgerald.

On Tuesday, CSN New England cited an "individual" whom they believed "without reservation" that the Patriots were interested in acquiring Fitzgerald last offseason. The Herald isn't denying that. But beat writer Jeff Howe reports any potential interest remained in-house, and no negotiations ever took place. Fitzgerald carries an $18 million cap number for 2014, so his name is going to be tossed around some this spring. We don't expect the Cardinals to deal him.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8 Months

According to an "individual" CSN New England's Tom Curran believes "without reservation," the Patriots were interesting in acquiring Larry Fitzgerald last offseason.

Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 9 Months

According to the Arizona Republic, Larry Fitzgerald is not open to a pay cut.