Matt Schaub QB OAK 4 Months1 Comment

Raiders coach Dennis Allen expressed confidence new QB Matt Schaub would be Oakland's starting quarterback for several seasons.

Allen also said the Schaub signing means the Raiders do not have to get a quarterback in the draft. Oakland is putting a lot of faith into a player benched in favor of Case Keenum last season. Hopefully someone in the organization realizes Schaub is not the long or even short-term answer at quarterback before it is too late.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 4 Months4 Comments

Raiders acquired QB Matt Schaub from the Texans in exchange for a 2014 sixth-round draft pick.

Same story, different year. The Raiders have now traded for Carson Palmer, Matt Flynn, and Schaub over the last four years, none remotely a long-term solution or even a viable short-term fix. Schaub, 33 in June, was benched for Case Keenum in Houston last year and has a 16:20 TD-to-INT ratio since Thanksgiving of 2012. The fact that any team -- let alone a Raiders squad that should be holding onto draft picks with a vice grip -- gave up compensation for this player is utterly incomprehensible. Schaub has a $10 million base salary plus $1 million in per-game roster bonuses due in 2014. He's a lock to open the season as Oakland's starting quarterback, regardless of what happens at the No. 5 overall pick. This trade was a job well done by Texans GM Rick Smith.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 4 Months1 Comment

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Texans are expected to trade Matt Schaub to the Raiders for a late-round pick in the 2014 draft.

Oakland will take on Schaub's $11 million, which makes him the heavy favorite to start Week 1. GM Reggie McKenzie has been rumored to be hot on Schaub's tail for a while now. He had to forfeit the draft pick because the Browns were also going to make a push for the soon-to-be 33-year-old had he been released. With Schaub now in the fold, the Raiders have options with the No. 5 overall pick in May. The Texans save nearly $4 million in cap space.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 4 Months

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Texans are "pushing to trade" Matt Schaub.

Per RapSheet, the Raiders and Browns both "have some interest." It's been known for sometime that Schaub is Oakland's preferred veteran quarterback target, while new Cleveland OC Kyle Shanahan was Schaub's offensive coordinator for two years in Houston. Due to his $10 million base salary in 2014, Schaub has so far proven difficult to trade. The Texans may simply wind up releasing him, but for now they're holding out hope for late-round compensation.

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ESPN's Paul Gutierrez reports Matt Schaub is the Raiders top quarterback target, but Mark Sanchez, free agent Josh Freeman, and free agent Michael Vick are also on their list.

Two of the four, Schaub and Sanchez, are not even free agents, though that is likely to change in the near future. The list is depressing, but it is even more depressing that each of these signal callers would be an upgrade over the quarterbacks currently on the Raiders' roster. Oakland would be wise to invest in a quarterback early in this year's draft.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 5 Months

The Houston Chronicle believes the Texans will hold onto Matt Schaub "for a while."

The presumption is that the Texans will be able to trade Schaub for assets at some point -- even though he was benched in favor of 2012 undrafted free agent Case Keenum last season. It's already been reported that the train wreck that is the Raiders is targeting Schaub as their veteran addition.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 5 Months

The Oakland Tribune reports the Raiders' preferred veteran QB addition is Matt Schaub.

Schaub has not yet been released by the Texans, but it's expected to happen soon. Raiders beat writer Jerry McDonald's report suggests Oakland is higher on Schaub than free agent Josh Freeman, with whom OC Greg Olson worked in Tampa Bay. If McDonald's report is accurate, it's not a promising sign for Freeman.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 5 Months

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Jets are not in the hunt for Matt Schaub.

The Texans haven't released Schaub yet, so it's entirely possible he won't even hit the market if the sides are discussing a pay cut. Houston would only save $3.6 million against the cap by cutting him. RapSheet previously reported the Browns and Raiders would have interest in Schaub when/if he is set free.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 5 Months

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Browns, Raiders and Jets would be interested in Matt Schaub "if (when)" he is released.

There are rumblings the Texans are considering keeping Schaub, but he is most likely gone. The lack of available talent could give Schaub a shot to start in 2014, but he will more likely find himself in a back up role next season. Houston could save $3.6 million against the 2014 cap by releasing Schaub.

Matt Schaub QB OAK 5 Months

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain reports the Texans have been "thinking about" keeping Matt Schaub, but that he'd be "stunned" if they do.

McClain is Mr. Texan, so even an off-handed tweet on the matter is worth passing along. We'd be stunned, as well, while McClain talks as if it's a certainty that Houston will select a quarterback at No. 1 overall. According to McClain, the Texans may sign two veteran backups to mentor their first-rounder.