Donovan McNabb QB MIN Aug 10 '124 Comments

Free agent QB Donovan McNabb has been talked into getting leaner this offseason, sources tell

Donovan McNabb QB MIN Jun 29 '122 Comments

Free agent QB Donovan McNabb said there's a 80-to-90 percent chance he'll play in the NFL this season.

McNabb, 36, has garnered no known interest on the open market this offseason. However, he says he has "about three teams that I'm looking at." McNabb will probably need a rash of injuries at the quarterback position during training camp just to land a backup gig.

Donovan McNabb QB MIN May 15 '12

Eagles coach Andy Reid would "highly recommend" free agent Donovan McNabb.

"I still think he can play," Reid said Monday. "He looks physically good. He looks like he could go out and play tomorrow." With journeyman Trent Edwards, the unproven Mike Kafka and rookie Nick Foles behind Michael Vick in Philly, a McNabb reunion would make some sense on paper, but there's a zero percent chance it happens. Admittedly willing to play anywhere, McNabb isn't likely to be guaranteed anybody's No. 2 job.

Donovan McNabb QB MIN May 14 '12

Free agent Donovan McNabb told SportsCenter Monday that he's dropped "15 to 20 pounds" while training with QB guru George Whitfield this offseason.

McNabb and Whitfield have focused on on-the-beach training, working in the sand and water. McNabb's physical fitness was a major issue in Minnesota last season, and in Washington the year before. Attempting to make a comeback at age 35, McNabb acknowledged that his wishlist consists of 32 potential suitors. In other words, he is willing to play anywhere as his career fades.

Donovan McNabb QB MIN May 05 '123 Comments

Free agent Donovan McNabb says he has no plans to retire, and is hoping to sign with a team before training camp.

McNabb had previously said he was "undecided" about retirement. "I sort of have some unfinished business," McNabb said in a Friday radio interview. McNabb says he's been "training hard" with quarterback guru George Whitfield. McNabb hasn't taken a single visit this offseason, and can't hope for more than a No. 3 job at this stage of free agency.

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Free agent Donovan McNabb said Sunday that he's undecided about retirement.

McNabb got no pre-draft free agency nibbles, and he's probably not going to get any after the draft, either, with rosters filling up. McNabb appeared Sunday at former teammate Brian Dawkins' retirement ceremony. It was his first visit to the Eagles' NovaCare facility since his trade to the Redskins in 2010.

Donovan McNabb QB MIN Mar 28 '12

Coach Andy Reid has not "entertained" the idea of free agent Donovan McNabb returning to the Eagles as a backup.

"I haven't gone there," said Reid. "I think it's tough for a guy that's been the guy for that long to come back." Translation: It's not going to happen. McNabb's agent recently said three teams were interested in his client, though he's not known to have made a visit yet. McNabb isn't going to land a starting job.

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The player rep for Donovan McNabb was noncommittal when asked if the free agent might accept a backup job this season.

"We really haven't discussed that yet," the agent said. "Right now he's weighing all of his options." McNabb is "keeping his options open" and "hasn't closed the door on anything." We wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he's thrown his last NFL pass.

Donovan McNabb QB MIN Feb 26 '12

Free agent Donovan McNabb is "not seen as a starter by anyone I've spoken with," reports's Peter King.

Benched by three teams in three seasons, McNabb's best bet for finding work would be to embrace a backup/mentoring role. That's not going to happen, though, as McNabb emphasized this week that his top priority is "competing" for a starting job. Borderline delusional, McNabb has struggled with accuracy, mobility, arm strength, mechanics, commitment level, and conditioning over the past couple of years.

Donovan McNabb QB MIN Feb 25 '12

The Vikings will reportedly not be required to send their 2013 sixth-round pick to the Redskins to complete their July 2011 acquisition of Donovan McNabb.