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Sources tell the Plain Dealer that the Browns got "several good offers" for Josh Gordon Tuesday.

None of the offers were good enough to cause the Browns to pull the trigger. If Gordon can keep his nose clean off the field, he'll reward their patience. At just 22 years old, he's averaging 5.3 catches for 97.0 yards with three touchdowns in six games. Extrapolated over a 16-game season, that would be 85 catches for 1,552 yards and eight scores. Rebuilding teams don't trade away young, cheap players with this kind of ability.


rpendlum 1 year ago

the trade deadline is over and a deal wasn't made.. now can we just drop it and move on?!? please!!

Zapperz49 1 year ago

but....but....all the fantasy experts said he would be traded!

Squirtz 1 year ago

it is too dumb of a decision for even the Browns to make

redskins_fan77 1 year ago

he is the only good draft pick they made in 50 years

TouchdownBundy 1 year ago

Yeah, I never understood the insistence by sportswriters that Gordon was gonna be dealt. It made no sense, he's talented, doesn't get paid much and with his history was not gonna get a good enough offer to even think about unloading him. The brownies are a QB and a decent RB away from being a really dangerous team. Why deal away their biggest offensive threat (with all due respect to Jordan Cameron)?

highhudler 1 year ago

@redskins dont forget about joe thomas, only good o-lineman they have haha

JagRag 1 year ago

I think the Browns were/are legitimately concerned that his off-field stuff was going to continue to be an issue, so they shopped him a little. But once they saw that last year wasn't a mirage and he was in fact playing even better, they realized the pros seriously outweigh the cons. He's the next Andre Johnson, but with more big play ability.

Interesting that Josh Gordon and Terrelle Pryor, two guys that came out of the supplemental draft, are rising fantasy darlings at the same time.

redskins_fan77 1 year ago

@highhudler. wish they sent him and gordon to the redskins for kirk cousins and a 2nd round pick lol

ezbake0v3n 1 year ago

Mack is one hell of a player on the oline don't forget him

highhudler 1 year ago

@redskins that would be the redskins stealing from the brown haha

redskins_fan77 1 year ago

yeah but they drove the price up on rg3. all they had to do was add that extra 2nd rounder and the rams woulda took the browns offer. then they ended up giving up that 2nd rounder to move up 1 spot to get trent. then they trade trent for what looks like a really late first rounder. they should just use that and deal for cousins keep thomas and gordon and use the money saved on cousins cheap contract to buy some free agents in other spots of need. plus they would still have their own first rounder to fill a whole.

JagRag 1 year ago

Cousins is not the long-term answer for anyone at QB, unless the question is "Who's going to be the guy to hold our clipboard?"