Da'Rick Rogers WR IND 12 Months2 Comments

Da'Rick Rogers remains on the Colts practice squad despite Reggie Wayne's season-ending injury.

The disappointments continue for Rogers. First he went undrafted in April, then he faceplanted in Bills camp, then he went unclaimed on waivers and now the Colts decided to promote Griff Whalen to the active roster instead of him. Beat writer Stephen Holder suggests Rogers isn't ready yet and Whalen knows the offense better.


Zapperz49 12 Months

so.....uh......why are we talking about him?

Ghost_Lombardi 12 Months

Because some here are in Dynasty leagues with deep benches. Luck is one of the better QBs in the league for the next decade or more. DHB is on a 1 year deal. Wayne is old and just tore his ACL. Whalen is a JAG. Brazill is a JAG. Reed is a JAG. Rodgers as elite measurables. Whether he gets a chance in 2014 is anyone's bet. But he's worth rostering if your bench is long enough.