Mike Wallace WR MIA 10 Months9 Comments

Mike Wallace reportedly "remains frustrated" and had another "conversation" with OC Mike Sherman recently.

Signed to a $60 million contract in March, Wallace is averaging just 4.2 catches for 56.8 yards with one touchdown so far. Perhaps more disconcerting is his inability to make big plays. He's tied for 70th in the NFL with just four plays of 20+ yards and has seven drops. Playing poorly and not being used like a No. 1 receiver, Wallace is just a WR3 against the Bengals Thursday night. His "conversations" with Sherman in the past haven't yielded a change in role.


swaterman 10 Months

mike wallace (vs CIN) or edelman (vs PIT) this week?

Commish24 10 Months

wallace, no doubt come on man!

Buckin_Bronco 10 Months

But the last time they "had a talk", Wallace had his best game of the season. I'm starting him!

Real-TimboSlice 10 Months

that is a very good point !!!

MWFLB 10 Months

Is Miami having buyer's remorse, maybe???

Real-TimboSlice 10 Months

no they need to pull their head out of their ass and use you him the way pitt used him .... deep !!

Pigskinpooper 10 Months

overpaid at any rate.

808-GAMETIME 10 Months

Wallace or Emmanuel Sanders i need some advice for this one???????

tlikey5 10 Months

It might help if the guy could catch when it is thrown his way.