Da'Rel Scott RB NYG 12 Months15 Comments

Giants re-signed RB Da'Rel Scott.


flair 12 Months

damn penny pinchers

JRdaPrince 12 Months


DanTee 12 Months

They're on a short week and Wilson looks unlikely to play. Don't think this was penny pinching.

endgame8 12 Months

Keeping only two backs is penny pinching.

flair 12 Months

you release him to show good faith in wilson then resign him when he gets hurt again ?

G-R-I-M 12 Months

I'm sure Scott could care less why is he was resigned.....it's a business. . . .and the Giants have no business cutting anyone right now - How about Manning straight up for Schaub... LOL !

kev7133 12 Months

For a guy like Scott, a chance to start and maybe get a true back position is all he ask for. Maybe if he is lucky, he'll be the starter for the rest of the year.

MustangGuy6 12 Months

Is he worth a start this week? I have V Brown, Mathews, Z Stacy, Simpson, and Scott. Need 1 for my flex this week. PPR league.

Al_Davis_4Ever 12 Months


cogwheel 12 Months

Watch him get cut again when Andre Brown is reactivated.


The Giants also have the rookie Cox (who's still too green to have a significant role on game-days), and Brown is waiting on IR/DR. That's FIVE RBs on the current payroll, including Wilson.

G-R-I-M 12 Months

Yeah - Well it depends on what's up w/Wilsons Neck injury - that can be very tricky - Just ask Bradshaw . . .

tchboarshead8 12 Months

MustangGuy6, start Stacy. He's a starting RB and Houston has not been imposing against the run this season.

MustangGuy6 12 Months

I am leaning toward V Brown because we are in ppr league and we have distance based TDs (longer TD play=more points). Brown has been targeted a good bit by Rivers the last two game (7 receptions in each). Stacy is tempting this week too. How about my RB2 situation Powell, Stacy, or Mathews?

flair 12 Months

stacy for sure mathews is terrible and the jets are the jets

tchboarshead8 12 Months

In PPR I don't mind Brown over Stacy. and yes, at RB2 gotta go Stacy over the other 2. Powell might actually be OK this week but go with the guy with the bigger workload.