James Jones WR OAK Dec 20 '1218 Comments

Aaron Rodgers says that ever since James Jones became a father earlier this year, he's been more focused.

The knock on Jones has always been inconsistency and drops. But it's all come together this year as he leads the league in touchdown catches with 12 and has drawn heavy praise from both coach Mike McCarthy and Rodgers. With Jordy Nelson (hamstring) still sidelined, Jones will have plenty more opportunities against the Titans this week. "It's pretty impressive. He's really improved a lot," Rodgers said.


Milhouse316 Dec 22 '12

James Jones, David Wilson or Michael Turner?

vcortes24 Dec 22 '12

aaron hernandez or heath miller

mattybrigs Dec 21 '12

James Jones, Julio Jones, Lance Moore, AJ Green or Torrey Smith....I am thinking....Julio, AJ, and James Jones....thoughts?

CarlisleWeenie Dec 22 '12

If you can play three, then yes, those are the picks. If you have to narrow it down to two, drop James Jones. He's really playing well, but the way Rodgers spreads it around, he's as likely to throw up a goose egg as a 2 TD game.

mattybrigs Dec 23 '12

Thanks much appreciated! That was my thought as well

SalsaEater Dec 21 '12

James Jones or Danario Alexander, I'm stumped.

CarlisleWeenie Dec 22 '12

DA has perhaps more upside. If you ignore last week, he has been more consistent. Problem is, SD is a hot mess right now. The real question is which QB do you trust more - Rivers or Rodgers? Seen in that light, I think JJ is the clear pick. Good luck.

Oxenjonzen Dec 20 '12

Jones, Bryant, Stevie Johnson pick 2

munk79 Dec 21 '12

jones/dez. Drop Stevie,he blows

warriors2185 Dec 21 '12

Ya I agree with munk, drop him.

Oxenjonzen Dec 21 '12

He has been more consistent then jones.

CarlisleWeenie Dec 22 '12

Right. JJ has more upside, but he could come up with a zero. Stevie has been mediocre, but at least he's consistently mediocre.

Dragons23 Dec 20 '12

Jones or Jennings? Nelson probably won't play.

PerfectPerkins Dec 20 '12

wtf jones, hes rogers fav target

SalsaEater Dec 21 '12

Not true at all. Cobb is by far. But I'd go with Jones for sure because of TD value. James Jones or Danario Alexander???

Dragons23 Dec 21 '12

I want to say jones in my gut but I think last week was a fluke for both of them. Jones made plays last week in the red zone so the titans might try to take him away not that it matters but Rodgers will just find someone else to throw it to. Alexander was shut out last week and when did that happen this year. Rivers couldn't hold onto the ball with a case of fumblitis and you got to think he will bounce back. I would play Alexander. But I would still be thinking about what jones did last week.lol I guess this doesn't really help.

SalsaEater Dec 21 '12

I appreciate the read lol and the insight. That's what I feel too. Both great receivers, Alexander is a huge receiver but cromartie on him will be hard. I wanna start jones (not just cuz I'm a pack fan) but cuz he has a big TD potential. But they won't pass much with a massive lead on the titans. I think I will start Alexander and hopes he comes back to life.

CarlisleWeenie Dec 22 '12

Rodgers will ALWAYS pass a lot. The Packers can't be something they're not (ie, a consistently good running team). JJ is a high risk because Aaron spreads the ball so much. But I think DA is higher risk, because Rivers is...well, Rivers. Bottom line is I'd go with JJ.