Danario Alexander WR SD Dec 16 '1255 Comments

Danario Alexander was held catch-less in the Chargers' Week 15 loss to the Panthers.

He was targeted three times. Philip Rivers had no time to throw against a swarming Carolina defense, and was inaccurate on the rare occasions he did. It's hindsight analysis at this point, but San Diego's offensive dysfunction was bound to catch up to Alexander in the box score. It did -- with a thud -- in fantasy semifinals week. Facing Antonio Cromartie's Jets in Week 16, Alexander will be a riskier roll of the dice in title games.


warriors2185 Dec 19 '12

D. Alexander, Vincent Jackson, or Dez Bryant for WR2? (put my trust in D. Alexander last week and got ZERO)

SalsaEater Dec 19 '12

Danario Alexander or James Jones?? (PPR)

Dragons23 Dec 19 '12


cgregozeski Dec 17 '12

I lucked out, so to speak. Stafford's s!?$! Day accounted for da's zilch. Had my opponent played luck I lose. My bench deserves kudos however. They nearly out scored my starters.

Boudie Dec 18 '12

ditto, i played danario and bryce having amendola, murray and decker on the bench - somehow scraped through

Boudie Dec 17 '12

goose egg here means i need Kenny Britt to get less than 7 points tonight, whats worse is i had Decker and Amendola on my bench - awesome

GoRams13 Dec 17 '12

Wow, I bought into all the hype this week. I picked up Alexander, David Wilson and Lions D/ST and left Sproles, Lloyd, 49ers D/ST and Janikowski all on my bench. Thanks to Brady, Peterson, Marshall, and Pitta I still have a chance to make the championship game. Always play your studs!

ThatMan Dec 17 '12

That's always good advice, thinking too much will only get you a loss more times than not. The hype is sometimes just the hype.

flyingwelindas Dec 17 '12

this wasnt hype...DX had six good games in a row.

ThatMan Dec 18 '12

6? You should recheck your stats there bro, he had three games out of six with 10 points or less. He has potential but he's not a for sure every week start by any means.

flyingwelindas Dec 18 '12

bra- 3/61/0, 5/134/1, 7/96/2, 5/74/0, 6/102/0, 7/88/2

he was one of the top 5 receivers in that time span. you gonna sit him after that run?

TheBiz13 Dec 19 '12

Philip Rivers is trash!

Boudie Dec 19 '12

in my league he was 3rd top receiver in last 5 games aka cant sit that

ThatMan Dec 19 '12

If you have Johnson, Bryant and Garcon I can and will. Alexander isn't the problem, it's Rivers. I'm not trusting him to get Alexander the ball enough when the championship is on the line.

flyingwelindas Dec 20 '12

im just responding to the "recheck your stats bro"....the guy was on fire. everyone but megatron & b marsh has a doozer every so often!

Chthulu Dec 17 '12

Biggest bust of the week (wasn't his fault, which makes it worse). May have cost me a ticket to the final. Bummer.

steeler2 Dec 17 '12

Lost by 4 pts because of the zero to go to the finals!!!

Taylorsbadboys Dec 17 '12

Same here and i had Mike wallace on the bench, I cant belive it A big fat zero

steeler2 Dec 18 '12

I agree! I had Miles Austin on the bench!! He's in I win

IggleEye Dec 18 '12

He killed me!!!!!!! Oh well, before the games, I didn't give a second thought to playing him over J.Jones and his three TD's. He tears up the Steelers , then zilch, nada, when it counted.

Yoshi Dec 17 '12

GOOD JOB NORV!!!! Why don't you just hand be opposing team your playbook next time.

betterbob Dec 17 '12

Phucking alexander took a big Dump on me. Thanks for all the wonderful advice flea. I should have Phucking known better. 5 game win streak down the Phucking toilet. couldnt have come at a worse time! Not interested in hearing any feedback, Just wanted to vent.

Riggs44R Dec 17 '12

Alexander, I'm sure was a big part of your 5 game win streak, so there's that...

Taylorsbadboys Dec 18 '12

I learned that fleas Advice sucks.Our whole league is gonna leave they do nothing to update ya. thank god we are in other Leagues that keep you up to date. alexander took me out of the championship game in this Phucking League.Nice comment bob GOOD LUCK

Riggs44R Dec 18 '12

Guess that's why I stay, I don't need their advice! hahaaa, go with your gut and Flea updates WINS and LOSSES, which is what we play for! ESPN doesn't! They don't keep a running tab of wins/losses all time and that is LAME!!!

Taylorsbadboys Dec 19 '12

It would be nice if we were with ESPN, Thats how much you know, Thats another reason we are leaving we dont have to put up with dickheads like you. Good luck.

Riggs44R Dec 20 '12

Jackass!!!! These "updates" don't even come from Flea, so that's how little you know! If you don't like what I have to say, don't come here and read it, invalid!!! How GAY are you that you need that sites advice to win ant anything? hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gay

Jeff-Lebowski Dec 17 '12

Wow.... that hurt

amybee Dec 16 '12

This along with everyone telling me to play Eli over Kaepernick cost me my season! So Freaking annoying!

itchba Dec 16 '12

Amybee don't feel bad, it happened to me as well. I have Big Ben, luck and Eli.. I was told, I better play Eli... It's December and he comes alive.. What a bunch of bull. Then with DA with a zero, ughhhh.. Now, it looks like I will be watching from the sideline.. Damn!

TheBiz13 Dec 19 '12

Always start athletic QBs with upside over regular QBs.

Fabio49ers Dec 16 '12

Norv is a scum!!!

CarlisleWeenie Dec 16 '12

Jeez, I wonder if Norv's comment this week about how defenses had not yet adjusted to account for DA had any effect. Norv must have naked pictures of somebody on his phone. How else can you explain that guy still having a job.

Scott007 Dec 16 '12

and not to mention who would name there kid Norv anyway...

Riggs44R Dec 16 '12

EXACTLY! Way to jinx the guy, Norv!!!

mevic1 Dec 17 '12

As convenient a coincidence that is, I think this is just Carolina getting their crap together like they have been in previous weeks. Besides, he's (the very inconsistent to begin with) Rivers best reciever, this was bound to happen anyway, like Fitz getting triple covered against NE.

Riggs44R Dec 17 '12

Fitz has 3 crappy QB's throwing to him at any given time, Rivers' hitch throw is supposed to be ok

mevic1 Dec 17 '12

At least Kolb can/could get it to him, Rivers is nowhere near his peak anymore. Honestly, I was surprised to see him getting throws to DX as much as he was, besides, if you can't run, you can't pass either and the Chargers have Glass Matthews.

Riggs44R Dec 17 '12

and MORON Norv, having 35 yr old Ronnie Brown in on 3rd downs and Battle in on short yardage and goal line! Plus, Cowboys passed all season long without being able to run, when Murray wasn't in

mevic1 Dec 17 '12

I'd take Brown or Battle over Matthews, he was abismal during the season anyway. And the Cowboys are a bad example, Romo's been struggling all season, Murry comes back and he has a nearly perfect game. Obviously being able to run helped.

Riggs44R Dec 18 '12

"Romo's been struggling all season"???? 4200 yards passing, 66.7 completion % and only 3 games all season where he threw for more than 1 INT. All that without Dez playing like Dez the first half the season, Witten with his spleen the first few games and no run game to speak of at all for 6 weeks(7-12).

Also, Palmer-Ryan-Brees and Stafford, all threw for a ton of yards without much of a running game, as they're all in the bottom 10 in rush ypg

mevic1 Dec 18 '12

Not talking about the stats here, nor am I saying Romo is bad, I've held to the belief he is even when others have said otherwise, but the Cowboys have struggled all year offensively and having a running game helps a lot. And yes Romo was struggling, those stats include comebacks (which he is very good at) and while the compleation % is impressive, the Cowboys went whole games without running the ball, that yaedage is not that impressive considering he was spending whole games just throwing the ball and using only having one INT a game as a good sign in a league where top QBs go for games without throwing any truly shows he's been having a rough time of it.

Also, two of the other QBs you mentioned are not great either, Palmer is on the Raiders, a team that gets garbage-time scores and yardage regularly, Palmer is not a great Quarterback and Stafford can go from being Peyton Manning or Drew Brees one game to being Kerry Collins the next, very inconsistent to say the least.

mevic1 Dec 18 '12

*he is GOOD

Riggs44R Dec 18 '12

He had 2 bad games, 5 int's in one and 4 int's in the other, he went many games without any

mevic1 Dec 18 '12

He also has 8 games where he threw at least one INT, it's only been the last month or so that he's gotten that under control. Again, not saying he's bad, I actually think he's quite good, but you can't deny that not being able to run makes passing infinitely harder. If passing were so easy every team would just have extra blockers instead of Half- and Full backs, RB would be more of a novelty position that only a few utilize.

Riggs44R Dec 18 '12

It is indeed becoming more and more like that

mevic1 Dec 18 '12

Whaaat? The run game has made a comeback this year, even New England was running the football this year and Green Bay is putting the emphasis on running next year.

Riggs44R Dec 18 '12

New England ran to kill the clock and next year schmext year. You can't forecast 10 months from now with any accuracy at all

mevic1 Dec 18 '12

No, but you can plan as McCarthy has stated he will. And New England is not just killing the clock, they were/are legitimately running the ball to run the ball. What about the Texans, Panthers or 49ers? Buccaneers? The Seahawks are centered around the run.

TKliber Dec 18 '12

just a comment about using the running game.tom brady never had a run game until this year....and he won 3 superbowls.there are only a handful of teams with true #1 rb's and those teams emphasis the run to open the passing game ( sf,chi,hou,min and even up to this year....baltimore was doing it too ).the current state of the NFL is now a passing league.the running game is moving back into the picture but will never fully come back because too many teams rely on RBBC

BadNooz Dec 18 '12

Not to mention Adrian Peterson of the Vikes possibly going for most rushing yards in a season after coming back from serious injury.

Riggs44R Dec 19 '12

Yeah, see, Victor

mevic1 Dec 20 '12

See Ron (didn't know we were on a first name basis), seriously though, we can go back and forth on this forever, how about we just call it even.

mevic1 Dec 20 '12

Never said it wasn't a passing league, in fact I was saying more teams are using the run in order to open up passing.

Riggs44R Dec 20 '12

thats it! pass to set up the run