Victor Cruz WR NYG Dec 16 '1211 Comments

Victor Cruz was held to 15 yards on three receptions and five targets at Atlanta in Week 15.

Eli Manning attempted just 25 passes and was limited primarily to dumpoffs in Cruz's direction. Cruz missed a few plays for sideline concussion tests after Falcons S Chris Hope launched his body into the receiver's head over the middle. Cruz did return and seemed none the worse for the wear. Look for a bounce-back game at Baltimore in Week 16.


warriors2185 Dec 18 '12

Why cant he play like that in the super bowl? So the Patriots can finally beat these homos?

ginga-ninja Dec 18 '12

reggie wayne or victor cruz

also pick 2 witten forte gore and spiller

Realtree Dec 19 '12

Wayne if PPR.

Forte, Spiller

roch14622 Dec 18 '12

Props to you Mr. Cruz! Your the f!ucking man!!!!

DustyManey Dec 17 '12

Cruz was my go to in the first half of the season now I'd rather start someone off of the free agent market.

tmactown01 Dec 16 '12

I have seen "Look for a bounce-back game" from cruz for about 6 weeks and he's not bouncing very good.

Mr_Wright Dec 16 '12

What do you call last week?

Jayfer Dec 16 '12

I call it Eli sucks! I will be starting Dez next week!

Ryanwilson117 Dec 18 '12

that will come back to bite you...

TheBiz13 Dec 19 '12

Doubt it.

Ryanwilson117 Dec 19 '12

Come back after Sunday and tell me who had a better game.