Torrey Smith WR BAL Nov 20 '1211 Comments

Coach John Harbaugh blamed the Steelers' defensive scheme for Torrey Smith's 1/7/0 line in Week 11.

Harbaugh didn't give credit to shadow corner Ike Taylor, who absolutely swallowed up Smith. "They were playing a two-deep, man-under type of a scheme where they were doubling the outside receiver on both sides, which was Torrey and Anquan (Boldin) usually," Harbaugh said. Smith's one catch on seven targets was by far his worst game of the season. He's an excellent bounce-back candidate in San Diego this week.


J-Bone747 Nov 22 '12

Ballard is going to have a big game and I'd say dwyer

SnakeStabler Nov 21 '12

I blame Flacco looking like a weak ass QB when he plays on the road. "Deer in the headlights" weak. And I ain't buying a bounce-back week either, its on the road.

lefties1 Nov 21 '12

I think he'll go crazy at the Chargers so I would say Smith

Run4Fun Nov 21 '12

Triple the Megatron, he still catches beautifully! Oh wait, it's M. Stafford not J. Flacco... :)

J-Bone747 Nov 21 '12

Smith or welker?

Run4Fun Nov 21 '12

Ur answer is based on this: T. Brady or Flacco? :)

justin_2pac Nov 21 '12

poop or gold? your call

yaydan Nov 21 '12

bronze forshizzle

Bullsmith Nov 22 '12

If you have to ask this question, you deserve to lose. Welker!

kotyk Nov 22 '12

Pick 2 Smith, ballard or Dwyer?

yaydan Nov 22 '12

ur team blows