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Speaking at Monday's presser, Chargers coach Norv Turner said Ryan Mathews (neck) didn't start Sunday's loss because of his missed Wednesday and Thursday practices.

Mathews was nowhere to be found on the Chargers' first two possessions before reeling in a nine-yard reception to christen their third series. Why two missed practices makes you unfit for the first and second drives but not the third is anyone's guess, but so is life under Norval. Mathews escaped yesterday's latest loss setback free, and should be fine for Week 12.


C_Lint Nov 21 '12

mathews or parmele

Frank_Price Nov 21 '12

Mathews is a better pick! But, the Steelers have to incorporate more runs! so the pitt backfield will get more touches! They have deywer and mandy + rainey!

PrincessMarcy Nov 20 '12

Mathews or Mandenhall?

redskins_fan77 Nov 20 '12

Mathews mendy still not 100% and his back up has been putting up good numbers so he will steal work on goal line and get a lot of touches

Frank_Price Nov 19 '12

Come on!!!!!!!!! Norv is the worst coach this year in the NFL? You blame the picks & lack of offense on one player! The Defense did all the scoring except an great catch by some guy that was on the streets 3 weeks ago!

CarlisleWeenie Nov 19 '12

Actually, Norv is tied for worst with the guy who coaches my other under-utilized RB (J. Charles). That's right. None other than Romeo Crennel. These two could show up at a party together dressed as one idiot.

Stizzo Nov 19 '12

Wait!!!! I have another idiot to name. Darren mc fad den has looked pedestrian under the zone block scheme his idiot OC implemented for the raiders. I mean I have mc coy, mcffadden and Mathews. Give me efffing break.

Frank_Price Nov 19 '12

your correct! Those our the two worst!

THEHEAD0124 Nov 20 '12

Do you all blame andy Reid for the eagles losses??

CarlisleWeenie Nov 20 '12

Believe it or not, no...at least not as much as the other two. Look, the HC is ultimately responsible for everything the team does or fails to do, so yes, Reid is going to take the fall in Philly. But I believe (most of the time) Andy makes decisions that try to get the best out of his players. The other two have talent that they refuse to use the right way. They are, in a word, unimaginative. And that is perhaps the worst sin an HC can commit.

THEHEAD0124 Nov 20 '12

That is well put. Also it didn't help that Philly has a rookie offensive line and dbs mainly namdi who thinks this is 2 hand touch and not tackle. Norv is just horrific has Matthews and doesn't use him. He's on the hot seat every year but when they put together wins then his job is safe until the following year. The jets are a train wreck also

sethc10f6 Nov 20 '12

Dont forget Andy Reid!!

footwork13 Nov 20 '12

Andy Reid has a long, LONG history of not utilizing his running game. Sure they have o-line issues, but their playcalling is so very bad. Through the first 3 quarters of games, they seem to average 70% passes, 30% runs NO MATTER THE SCORE!!! Vick was never groomed to throw the ball away, and by getting sacked so often, it puts them in passing downs more often. When Phily running backs are involved running the ball early in the game, Phily has done well. How many times was Bryan Westbrook given under 10 carries in games Reid coached? Run the ball folks. If you're losing by 17 points and it's the second half, go ahead and pass, but if you're within 2 scores, don't become so one dimensional...AND PREDICTABLE. It's pervasive in today's NFL, but it's chronic in places like Phily.

CarmineM Nov 21 '12

Agreed. Reid has alot of weapons to use. So there will be times where McCoy won't touch the ball. However what The OC in KC and Crennel are doing with Jamal Charles, and Norv is doing with Matthews is absolutely ludacris!

CarlisleWeenie Nov 21 '12

The irony behind your observation (which I don't disagree with) is that shady is now out because Reid was running him late when they were down by 25 points. I do agree however they put too much faith in Vick, who has no O-line to protect him, and who doesn't have the courage to throw it away.

CulverCityCosmo Nov 21 '12

Translation: You're correct. Those are the two worst.

EvanPackers12 Nov 21 '12

but is works for the packers