Tom Brady QB NE Nov 18 '128 Comments

Tom Brady completed 24-of-35 passes for 331 yards and three touchdowns in New England's 59-24, Week 11 blowout of the Colts.


Antknee Nov 21 '12

i almost* benched brady one week for matt cassles. dodged a bullet that week

MattyFresh Nov 21 '12

dodged embarrassment for being incompetent.

Antknee Nov 22 '12

cmon now

TradeVonMartin Nov 19 '12

what a bust. dropping him for marcus vick.

thenoobs Nov 20 '12

Good. Why do I care again?

TradeVonMartin Nov 20 '12

because your parents are dead. they deserved it.

ParkerInc Nov 21 '12

That's twice you've proved your an idiot oh no three your handle is fn stupid also

TradeVonMartin Nov 21 '12

You have a filthy mouth you little twat.