Tony Romo QB DAL Nov 18 '127 Comments

Tony Romo completed 35-of-50 passes for 313 yards and a touchdown as the Cowboys downed the Browns in overtime of Week 11.

He also scrambled twice for 10 yards. Romo's stats over the past three weeks have been a bit better than his real-life performances, but he's been getting it done. Aside from a late-game lost fumble that gave Cleveland some life when Dallas should've been putting the game away, Romo was efficient in the short to intermediate sections of the field and hit Dez Bryant for a 28-yard touchdown over the top of Sheldon Brown in the fourth quarter, giving Dallas a go-ahead lead after a first half in which they hardly moved the ball at all. Romo will be a strong back-end QB1 fantasy start when the Cowboys face the Redskins' porous pass defense on Thanksgiving Day.


MaxPotato Nov 21 '12

I think Romo's ratings depends on how bad the skins defense is. Are they really that bad in Defense?

mark_pundurs Nov 20 '12

"Romo will be a strong back-end QB1 fantasy start when the Cowboys face the Redskins' porous pass defense"

Actually so far there's been no correlation between Romo's TD count and the opponent's pass D stats; the best predictor to date is opponents' rushing yards allowed. On the other hand, the Skins have allowed more passing TDs than any previous Boys opponent - and by a wide margin. Romo's an enigma - proceed with caution.

mercenarymoose Nov 21 '12

Washington has been destroyed by every QB they've played not named Nick Foles. I'm not worried about Romo at all.

mark_pundurs Nov 21 '12

The Skins held Cam Newton, Josh Freeman, and Eli Manning (!) to 1 TD apiece - and just 4 days before his date with the Skins, Romo was held to 1 TD by a pretty crummy Browns pass D. I'm starting him - because I think he has less downside this week than Sam Bradford - but I wouldn't take to the bank fleaflicker's 3-TD projection.

begs Nov 18 '12

"aside from a late game fumble that gave Cleveland some life"

uhh... Cleveland scored and took the lead because of that fumble. cowboys were incredibly lucky to beat one of the worst teams in the league and they are not good.

cowboys are garbage

WhiteyFord Nov 19 '12

haters gonna hate

puffdogg Nov 20 '12

u lovin the way they playin whitey? i aint hatin but sure think they been suckin ass!