Darren Sproles RB PHI Nov 18 '128 Comments

Darren Sproles is inactive for Sunday's game against the Raiders.


AtomicPunt Nov 21 '12

dang that just sucks for me

bmart Nov 19 '12

Why you would think that playing Sproles with a club for a hand would be a good play is beyond me. I'm guessing anyone who contemplated starting Sproles is desperately looking for a needle is a haystack.

CHURCH Nov 19 '12

Ive been complaining about Fleaflickers horrible info and updates. BUT this on Sproles was up on their homepage by halftime of the early games. A lot of the media outlets didnt report but Fleaflicker gave a good amount of time.

TradeVonMartin Nov 19 '12

glazer had warned us about 8 mins before kick off. go glazer for all your updates.

tomdubransky Nov 19 '12

I fortunately sat him in place of Felix Jones. Phew! Now I just need the Bears Defense to be the Bears Defense tonight and I'll be fine.

theotherpoehler Nov 19 '12

Yep, Sproles will be the starter. He's at his best catching passes on the bench....If this happens in the playoffs Ill kill someone.

Bad_Break_Man Nov 19 '12

Thanks for the heads up after the 1 pm game had already started.

CulverCityCosmo Nov 18 '12