Rashard Mendenhall RB ARI Nov 16 '1220 Comments

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette confirms Rashard Mendenhall (Achilles') is expected to start on Sunday Night Football against the Ravens.

It will be Mendenhall's first appearance in over a month; he last played in a game on Thursday Night Football against the Titans on October 11. After such a long layoff in an offense that may struggle to move the ball without Ben Roethlisberger, Mendenhall can't be counted upon as more than a risky flex play, despite a favorable matchup with an underperforming Baltimore run defense.


jprocket45 Nov 18 '12

i dunno if i trush mendy hes not even going to be geting goalline carries that sucks in itself the way Tomlin is saying Redmen will be used I dunno... Redmen will be in on 3rd down and goalline carries so they say.

jprocket45 Nov 18 '12

not trush i meant trust lol

Coach_PB Nov 18 '12

Mendenhall, Steven Jackson, or Ryan Mathews...? Thanks!

CaseyBarrett Nov 18 '12

Mike Wallace, Mendy, or denarius moore

BigSwole Nov 17 '12

Mendenhall, ivory, or leshoure......pick one

baufman Nov 17 '12

mendenhall or stephens-howling????

bama24sh Nov 16 '12

mendenhall or shonne greene

JFizzleMyNizzle Nov 16 '12

Same here! Going with both

TLN32 Nov 16 '12

PPR League: Marcel Reece or Mendy....?

rpendlum Nov 16 '12

lol have same 2 and in ppr.. ive got reece in right now.. last i heard mcfadden is still gonna be out this week. on the flip side though im guessing leftwich is gonna suck and they might try to depend on mendy for lots of runs and dumpoffs.. ahh the fun

TLN32 Nov 16 '12

yeah I think im going with reece. The receptions are huge and i dont think mendy will be getting many. Even more of a curve for me is that Sproles is coming back and he is on my bench right now....even more fun

flyingwelindas Nov 16 '12

play sproles

55KennyPowers55 Nov 16 '12

ppr.......mendy or mikel leshoure??

PatzRok Nov 17 '12

don't play Sproles unless he's active. He's a game time decision now

flyingwelindas Nov 17 '12

obviously, wait to see if hes active, but if he is i think thats gonna be a shoot out which would mean lots of passing

CaseyBarrett Nov 17 '12


CaseyBarrett Nov 17 '12

Go with mendy, against a leaky ravens run d

Highnizzle Nov 18 '12

DO NOT PLAY SPROLES,,,,,!,!,!,! He is merely fielding kickoff and punt returns tomorrow. I repeat. Do not play SPROLES.

Highnizzle Nov 18 '12

im starting Mendy. He is going to have 10-20 fantasy points tomorrow depending of your format.

PS-all non PPR leagues suck.

CaseyBarrett Nov 18 '12

mike wallace, Mendy, or denarius moore