Brandon Lloyd WR SF Nov 14 '1213 Comments

Brandon Lloyd (knee) was a limited participant in Wednesday's practice.

It's the same old, same old in New England. Lloyd has been consistently limited in practice over the last several weeks before eventually playing. We fully expect him to suit up on Sunday against the Colts.


D_Bar85 Nov 15 '12

Lloyd or Mike Williams TB

Greg_W Nov 16 '12

Williams - Bucs offence has been great recently, he is likely to get more targets than Lloyd, should get more yards and is more likely to get targets in the red zone

Coach_PB Nov 15 '12

Lloyd or Andre Roberts?

LocalBraDA Nov 15 '12

Lloyd should get 60 plus TD

Dogslife Nov 15 '12

Brandon Lloyd is questionable every week

Greg_W Nov 15 '12

Lloyd (NE vs IND) or Floyd (SD vs DEN)?

I can't choose between them...

Coach_PB Nov 15 '12

My first thought is floyd gets more targets consistantly...I'd go with him.

Hammer1026 Nov 15 '12

But Lloyd will more thank likely have Champ on him and he's been doing a pretty good job this year of limiting opposing team's number 1 wr's - I would lean towards Lloyd because the Colts number 1 corner Davis is out and this game could be a shootout - Lloyd hasn't really done much regularly, but here's hoping he pops this week...?!

Hammer1026 Nov 15 '12

Sorry, in the first line above, meant Floyd will have Champ in him cuz they're the ones playing Denver this week...

Coach_PB Nov 15 '12

thats way deeper analysis than i could ever provide. I hope lloyd tears it up against the colts. Good luck to all of you!

Greg_W Nov 15 '12

Thanks guys, I was leaning towards Lloyd too so will go with him I think

Hammer1026 Nov 16 '12

Hey no worries Coach, I try, same to you : )

Happy to help gents, let's hope for a nice week from Lloyd (especially considering it looks like Hernandez could sit again).

Greg_W Nov 16 '12

Hernandez practiced at full speed on Thursday so that might limit Lloyd a bit...