Dez Bryant WR DAL Nov 13 '1216 Comments

Tony Romo believes Dez Bryant has "come 180 degrees" to the point where "he understands the game."

"We go by how he blocked, did he get open? The coverages are going to dictate who's going to get the ball. But does he run his route right? Is it precise? Is he quick in it?" explained Romo. "Let's say he started off doing it 70 percent when he first got here. Then he got to 85. He's really close to being a guy where it's 100 percent."


TheOutlaws Nov 15 '12

Tony Romo says he loves when Dez is in man coverage which is what he may be facing against Joe Haden???

WinThePasta Nov 14 '12

Pick two WR: J. Jones, D. Bryant, S. Johnson.

ecjerrell3 Nov 14 '12

Dude just offered a trade of Brandon Lloyd for D.Bryant. I'm not buying in to his potential and not hoping he is wising up to both football and life in general. He had a good game. Let someone else deal with the inevitable heartbreak this guy is gonna dish out to fantasy owners later this year.

Arnoldy Nov 14 '12

Lloyd's been solid this year...

AGIII Nov 14 '12

Need a opinion...Dez or Marshall? I know it shouldnt even be a question but..

Marshall- lost Cutler, tough SF def.

Dez- Starting to have good games and facing one of the worst def.

balancedinteger Nov 15 '12

I'm rolling with Marshall. Campbell is no Cutler, but Marshall will get plenty of targets and make the most of them.

ConeBones Nov 15 '12

dez against a horrid D

TheOutlaws Nov 15 '12

What are you talking about? Lloyd has been a disappointment this year. I've waived him twice. Too many weapons in New England.

TheOutlaws Nov 15 '12

I'm in the same boat and not sure what I'm going to do....

Arnoldy Nov 16 '12

You didn't catch the sarcasm huh? If you read the comment the guy said he didn't trade Lloyd for Dez. I don't care how much of a moron Dez is the fact remains he is a better fantasy WR than Lloyd.

mercenarymoose Nov 13 '12

This is bull. Dez still does not even fully grasp the playbook yet, and he's a third year player. No way that he has figured out the game.

Wizard831 Nov 15 '12

yes, I'm sure you would know and Romo doesn't....afterall you play every Sunday with him!!

ConeBones Nov 15 '12

hahaha no shi*t right

TheOutlaws Nov 15 '12


Guru69 Nov 13 '12

he understands the game-what about life-this guy has killed me[i always get caught up in the he's headed for a huge breakout bullcrap]by drafting him very high and then being the headcase he is. he should be a 80-1300-12td guy without even sweating

hoss21 Nov 13 '12

any other team and he would be,hes too stupid to get Garretts ivy league overly complicated offense, they should dumb down his routes and just let him make plays,just another instance of Garrett not adapting to his players strengths