Vernon Davis TE SF Nov 12 '1221 Comments

Vernon Davis hinted at displeasure with his role following Sunday's tie.

"Uh, I mean, I do what I'm told. That's pretty much it," Davis said. "My main focus is just making sure I'm a team guy and just accepting the simple fact that coaches are giving me a certain role to play and I have to accept it." Davis struck a diplomatic tone, but it's clear he's not satisfied with his limited targets over the 49ers' past four games. Davis has been playing nearly 100 percent of San Francisco's offensive snaps, but with just nine catches since Week 6, he's become a shaky TE1.


PuPPeT_masTeR Nov 15 '12

Im starting Scott Chandler over Vernon Davis this week for the love of God

tvo Nov 15 '12

likewise F U smith!

PuPPeT_masTeR Nov 21 '12

When they played backup QB Davis had iggest gam of the yr lol

Filthy_Sanchez Nov 15 '12

The lack of VD use (that's funny) is the main reason the 49ers aren't undefeated. They get him involved more and they win more. It's plain and simple.

Norv Harbaugh is the funniest thing I've read in awhile. MassahDaniel is a comic genius!

silky926 Nov 15 '12

I guess the 49er's are satisfied with ties, barely eeking our games and losing, but hay their receivers are getting their targets and gaining their yards. When they are ready to WIN, give Vernon the targets, he's a proven comodity.

loureirogja Nov 15 '12

I'm a 49ers fan and i've to say: THROW HIM THE MOTHAF*CKIN BALL!

studmuffintw18 Nov 14 '12

alot of hate going on

Khova Nov 13 '12


AnnaG Nov 13 '12

I've had it. I'm starting Greg Olsen over Vernon this week

Fabio49ers Nov 14 '12

I'll start a TE on a bye, and prob get more points..! This play calling on this team is a complete joke..!! Having Alex smith as your QB doesn't help either..!! Guys sucks!!!

InfamousStyles Nov 14 '12

yep, i am too. of course..this is the week harbaugh will remember vernon davis is on his team and get alex to throw him the ball.

joe71101 Nov 15 '12

i benched vernon last week in favor of greg olsen and boy did that pay off

JT_Hefner Nov 13 '12

Harbaugh is a moron. They made it to the NFC championship game last year despite him. He will be fired in a few years if he keeps this up. Davis is the best player they have on offense and he is not even getting targets. Horrible stupid Harbaugh.

MassahDaniel Nov 12 '12

Norv Harbaugh

iWINYOULOOZ Nov 14 '12

i see what you did there

samward30 Nov 12 '12

Its ridiculous. Every single player on SF says Davis is the best athlete on that team and he doesnt even get targeted. Thats why they tied, this isn't fĂștbol its FOOTBALL

Riggs44R Nov 13 '12

That being said, teams are double teaming and scheming against Vernon only! They fear NO ONE else on that team, in the passing game!

samward30 Nov 13 '12

true....time to step up, continue to step up Crabtree. I just have both and it is tough to start both every week knowing that most likely only one will do well.

SlickPete88 Nov 15 '12

Throw Davis the ball anyway good players find away to make the catch. Witten is the best player on the Cowboys and he had 17 catches a couple weeks ago.

Riggs44R Nov 15 '12

Apparently Harbaugh doesn't have a 7 yard out in the playbook for Davis, only Crabtree. LoL

ParkersinBmore Nov 12 '12

One of the top TE's in the game, and you DON'T throw him the ball. Are you kidding me?