Stevan Ridley RB NE Nov 12 '129 Comments

Stevan Ridley led the Patriots backfield by playing on 41-of-72 offensive snaps in Sunday's win over the Bills.

The Patriots are not using a true committee backfield. Danny Woodhead saw just 16 snaps and Shane Vereen played 15. On the season, Ridley's 172 carries are 123 more than any other Patriot and he's rushed 20 times or more in four of nine games. He'll be a clear top-10 running back option against the Colts in Week 11.


Fletchisawesome Nov 14 '12

i think u should go with ridley- demarcus ware has been doing really well lately and the cowboys have a way better d than indy

top1214 Nov 13 '12

The problem is trying to figure out the game plan of the Patriots, and how the game will go. If they get a big lead, lots of Ridley. If they need to pass, not very much Ridley.

Harveyc Nov 13 '12

They also play a lot of no huddle offence, which leaves Woodhead and to a lesser extent Vereen out on the field. Bolden is another addition to a puzzling backfield.

teevo20 Nov 14 '12

Ridley averages over 13 pts./week, nothing puzzling about that!

Harveyc Nov 14 '12

I am stating that if Ridley was on a different team he would score more points! Woodhead and Bolden have taken some of his goal- line touches.

onerealfan Nov 14 '12

Would you trust Ridley against Indy or would play Richardson against Dallas. Leaning towards Ridley as of now.

Harveyc Nov 15 '12

Richardson is hard to equate with Jackson coming off of a big game against the 49ers.

Ridley will be rushing against the 22nd ranked rush D, as top1214 states, if the pats lead and look to control the clock, then Ridley will have plenty of time on the field.

teevo20 Nov 15 '12

I have the same dilemma, my gut tells me to go with Ridley, but the last time I benched TRich was week 2, and he went off.

Harveyc Nov 15 '12

Ignore the first line of that paragraph, it should teach me to post only when consulting the schedule!