Eric Decker WR NYJ Nov 11 '129 Comments

Eric Decker caught just two passes for 15 yards on four targets at Carolina in Week 10.

Willis McGahee and Brandon Stokley both saw more targets. The Broncos offense had two drives stall in the red zone and lost two possessions to defense/special teams scores. Decker could have had another 20+ yards but dropped an over-the-shoulder pass down the sideline. Look for a bounce-back game versus the Chargers in Week 11.


TouchdownBundy Nov 17 '12

I guess I should post my dilemna. Decker or Cobb? Both have almost exactly the same numbers but generally Decker sees more looks. With Nelson back for the Pack, I'm leaning toward Decker. Where am I going wrong?

Neo_Blade Nov 14 '12

Flex starter for week 11:

Eric Decker, Vincent Jackson or Jamaal Charles?

Right now Charles is my first option and already in the lineup. But none of them has been constant so far.

In general I take a RB over a WR, because they usually are more dependable. Event tho I'm not so sure atm...

TouchdownBundy Nov 17 '12

yea, I'd prefer to use RB's at flex too but the problem w/ Charles is he can go nuts or kick you in the nuts. I guess the same can be said for VJax. Except for last week Decker has been pretty consistant but Charles and VJax are bigger scorers. I guess I told you all that just to say I'm not sure but gut instinct says take a chance w/ Charles.

themom110 Nov 13 '12

Ahhh my apologies! He was a bit of a crapper, wasn't he!

TouchdownBundy Nov 13 '12

with most of my guys on a bye, this is the week you have to put in a crapper Decker.

themom110 Nov 13 '12

Are you serious?! He's been scoring double digits all season mostly 20+ points! How could you possibly call him a crapper? Even the best of them have an off week.

ff561 Nov 13 '12

He could be averaging 50 a game for 9 weeks. If he puts up 3pts in a PPR league, he put in a crapper.

TouchdownBundy Nov 13 '12

umm yea mom, I didn't say he's been crappy all year long I said last week he put in a crapper.

hess23 Nov 13 '12

i agree. Last week was a crapper for him. Fortunately I have AP. He made up for it.