Hakeem Nicks WR IND Nov 08 '1212 Comments

Hakeem Nicks vows to play Sunday versus the Bengals after returning to practice Thursday.

"Yeah I'll play," said Nicks. "[Resting until after the bye] was never a thought, at least not on my behalf." After a little early-week "puffiness," the swelling in Nicks' knee has subsided. The receiver has been told by the medical staff that he's running better every week. Of his disappointing fantasy production of late, Nicks replied, "Stats are for girls."


VAGuardian Nov 09 '12

Ok ... Is anyone seriously starting him?

cogwheel Nov 09 '12

He's a fine flex-start, at least.

VAGuardian Nov 10 '12

I hear you. I keep him on the bench for now, he is good for a breakout performance, but man, the last weeks were painful.

Yoshi Nov 09 '12

Nicks or Floyd

mistersolo555 Nov 09 '12

Nicks/bowe/amendola/maclin/dez bryant.....pick 3

cogwheel Nov 08 '12

"Stats are for girls," ironically declares the delicate flower known as Hakeem Nicks.

Donbruno454 Nov 08 '12

Nicks or S. Smith?

Donbruno454 Nov 08 '12

Not Nicks' stats though.

Donbruno454 Nov 08 '12

Stats...FleaFlicker gives us stats each week...I consider this manly...I love stats!

G-R-I-M Nov 08 '12

Stats got you your 12.5m 5/yr contract in 2009 - you weren't cryin' like a girl then were you !

bdelfino Nov 08 '12

"stats are for girls" not what i want to hear from my 4th round pick.

begs Nov 08 '12

stats are for girls? every girl I know fckin hates stats... stats pay your salary nicks give yer head a shake